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Camp Funding


This section is a compilation of answers to the questions most commonly asked by our families. If you can’t find the question you wanted to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Is there a maximum income eligible for funding?

Amici’s mission is to fund children whose caregivers would not otherwise be able to afford to send them to camp. Notice(s) of Assessment are requested with each application and we will review each family's eligibility based on a variety of factors including total household income, number of household members and geographical location as well any additional financial circumstances a family wishes to share. Amici reviews each family’s unique situation on a case-by-case basis. Each family pays a Camper Contribution Fee based on their household income and size. Families with a higher household income will be asked to pay a higher Camper Contribution Fee. Financial eligibility and Camper Contribution Fee amount is reassessed each year that a camper applies for Amici support.

For more information, please contact Jodie at (416) 588-8026 x 203 or


2. What are the criteria for partner camps?

All Amici partner camps meet or exceed standards set by the Ontario Camps Association. All camps are overnight summer camps in Ontario.


3. I am not familiar with the partner camps. How do I know which camp to choose?

You can check out Amici's 'Partner Camps' webpage to learn more about our partner camps. However,  Amici is happy to assist families in finding the camp that’s right for each child. 


4. Can I request a camp?

Yes. Amici strives to honour requests, but cannot guarantee placement in any specific camp or session. If we are not able to meet a request, we will suggest other camp options.


5. What if our preferred camp doesn't appear on Amici’s list of partner camps?

Amici aims to add new partner camps each year, but are not always able to expand the list due to funding and budget limitations. If you are interested in a camp that is not currently an Amici partner camp, please contact us.


6. My child requires additional support to attend camp. Can we still apply for funding?

Please click here for more information on the application process for campers requiring additional support. Amici currently partners with several camps that can offer additional support to campers, including Camp Awakening, Camp Kennebec, Camp Kirk, Camp Kodiac, Camp Winston, and Camp Maple Leaf.


7. When are application deadlines?

Amici applications for both new and returning campers are available by the end of September for the upcoming summer. There is no application deadline, however, Amici considers applications on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner a full application is received, the better. Amici recommends that new camper application be received before the end of January to be considered for the upcoming summer.


8. When will I know if my application is approved?

For returning campers, once Amici has received all requested documents, most will be notified of acceptance by November. 

For new campers, Amici starts accepting applications in September but usually cannot confirm acceptance until late December or early January. Amici continues accepting applications right up until the start of the summer and will approve campers based on availability. 


9. What is a Camper Contribution Fee?

The cost of camp is jointly covered by Amici and the partner camp, but also by the family through our Camper Contribution Fee. The fee is assessed based on a family’s total income, the number of people in a family’s household, exceptional expenses and geographic location. The minimum fee is $75 per child. Amici informs families of the amount of their Camper Contribution Fee once their application has been approved. 

Returning campers will be reassessed for eligibility and for their contribution fee amount each year they return to camp. 


10. What other costs are involved with sending a child to camp through Amici?

Families are responsible for transportation to and from camp. Many camps offer bus service for an extra fee. Families are also responsible for “tuck” charges (any candy, toiletries, etc. that a child chooses to buy at the camp tuck shop) and any clothing or equipment (e.g. sleeping bag) that a child may need for camp. The specific clothing and equipment requirements are different for each partner camp. Once an application is accepted, the partner camp will send an information package, including packing list, to help each family and child prepare for camp.


11. Do you provide funding for leadership training programs?

Yes. Amici campers are invited to apply to leadership programs at their camp and Amici will continue to supported those campers who are successful in their applications. Please check out the 'Application Process' webpage and with the camp for more information on Leadership Training Programs.


12. If I receive Amici funding this year, can I re-apply next year?

Yes. Each camper who would like to return to camp submits a Renewal Application. Amici and its partner camps commit to supporting each camper to attend camp year after year until they have outgrown the program or until they are no longer eligible for support. 


13. Does Amici have a waiting list?

Yes. Amici has more applicants than we have spaces available at our partner camps, however, due to last-minute cancellations and other unforeseen circumstances, there is always a chance that a spot may become available. If a child does not get a spot from the waiting list this year, Amici will try to prioritize the camper for a spot the following summer. Families will be asked to complete a new application form. 


14. Will other children at camp know that an Amici camper is receiving funding?

Amici campers are not singled out in any way once they are at camp. At most camps, only the Camp Director and Administrative Staff are aware of a camper’s Amici funding. If there is any special information that you would like to give the Camp Director or counselling staff to assist your child at camp, please contact the camp directly by phone or email.


15. How often will a camper be able to shower at camp?

Camp showers often operate on a schedule with a camper being able to shower every 3-4 days. Campers usually spend lots of time in the water and some camps have cold shower facilities available at other times. If you are concerned, please contact the camp directly to discuss the shower schedule.


16. What are the sleeping arrangements at camp?

Sleeping arrangements vary by camp, though in most cases, campers sleep in cabins or platform tents divided by age group. Most cabins are rustic with bunk beds and with washroom facilities in a separate building. Most sleeper cabins have electricity but not air conditioning or plumbing. Please speak with your camp directly for specific information regarding sleeping arrangements.


17. How do meals work at camp?

In general, campers meet in the dining hall to eat meals and sit together with their cabinmates. Food is often served 'family style', and many camps also have a salad bar that campers can access to add to their meal or as an alternative if they do not like what is being served. Often campers take turns within their cabin groups collecting food items and cleaning up after meals. 


18. Do camps accommodate dietary restrictions?

Most camps are able to accommodate for a variety of dietary restrictions including allergies, intolerances, religious observances, veganism/vegetarianism, etc. Please speak with your camp directly about how to best accommodate your camper's needs and preferences prior to the start of camp.