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About Amici

Camp Champions: Donor Listing

Amici's Camp Champions: Donor Listing

In 1966, a few young camp staff saved enough money to send one child to camp. Over fifty-five years later, more supporters and believers in camp have joined in making camp possible for thousands of children. Thank you to all of our donors who have helped children reach their full potential through the magic of camp between October 1, 2021 and September 30, 2022.

  • Partner Camps

    Amici would like to thank the following summer camps for their dedication to making camp possible for so many children over the years. Your contributions cannot be measured, thank you!

    Arrowhead Camp
    Camp Awakening
    Camp Can-Aqua
    Canadian Adventure Camp
    Cedar Ridge Camp
    Camp Cherith
    Camp Couchiching
    Camp Davern
    Glen Bernard Camp
    Camp Henry (YMCA)
    Hidden Bay Leadership Camp
    Camp Kandalore
    Camp Kawartha
    Camp Kennebec
    Kettleby Valley Camp
    Kilcoo Camp
    Camp Kirk
    Camp Kitchikewana (YMCA)
    Camp Kodiak
    Camp Maple Leaf
    Camp McGovern
    Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da
    Camp Nokomis
    Camp Northland-B'nai Brith
    Camp Northway
    Camp Oconto
    Onondaga Camp
    Camp Otterdale
    Camp Pathfinder
    Camp Pine Crest (YMCA)
    Camp Ponacka
    Project Canoe
    Camp Queen Elizabeth (YMCA)
    Red Wolf Overnight (Pine Project)
    RKY Camp
    Camp Scugog
    StepStones Summer Camp
    Camp Tamakwa
    Camp Tanamakoon
    Camp Tawingo
    Camp Ten Oaks
    Camp Towhee
    Camp Wabikon
    Camp Walden
    Camp Wanakita (YMCA)
    Camp Wenonah
    Camp Winston

  • Leadership League

    The Leadership League recognizes that behind every leader are other leaders who have influenced their lives. In the case of our young campers, they have counsellors and other camp staff who they can look up to and learn from each summer. What they do not see are the donors who are quietly supporting their growth and leadership behind the scenes. Amici is grateful to those who have made a five-year commitment, the average number of years our campers attend camp.  

    Ambassadors' Council - $50,000+ pledge in support of Amici campers over five years. 

    Susan and Paul Finkbeiner
    Theresa Mersky

    Explorer Club - $25,000+ pledge in support of Amici campers over five years. 

    Andrew Alexanian
    The Estate of Stephen Clark
    Greg Guatto and Family
    Eric and Marcia Monteith
    John and Christine O'Sullivan
    David Roland

    Adventurer Club - $12,500+ pledge in support of Amici campers over five years. 

    David and Andrea Armstrong
    Bob and Gayle Cronin
    Carolyn Langill
    Peter W. Partridge and Poppy Gilliam

    Camper Club - $5,000+ pledged in support of Amici campers over five years. 

    Billy Anderson
    Randy Cross and Family
    Luke Davey
    Phil and Laura Gellatly
    Eric and Tammy Hachmer
    Mike and Jenn Jack
    Kate Horton and Kevin Stewart
    William and Pamela Horton
    Gillian and Mark Krause
    Don Langill
    Jeffrey Latimer and Larry Tobin
    Judy MacGowan
    Kyle Magee and Danielle Gervais 
    Robert Magwood
    Jeff and Andrea Marshall
    John and Lindsay Mckeown
    Rosie Michel and Daniela Marcoux
    Tim Murray and Kimberly Curran
    Pickford-Henderson Family Foundation
    Scott Russell and Catherine Gregory
    Matt Shoom-Kirsch and Natasha Flora
    John and Barb Stewart
    Sandy Walker

  • Endless Summer Monthly Giving Program

    Amici would like to thank the following donors for supporting endless summers for campers through their monthly donations:

    Catherine Benbow Plewes
    Ralph Birtch
    Chris Bohme
    Angele Boudreau
    Steve Boyce
    Clive Chamberlain
    Susan Chamberlain
    Laurie Chappell
    Nick Chauvin
    Bill and Angela Cruess
    Luke Davey
    Alicia Della Maestra
    John Dewan
    Stewart Dickson
    Nenone Donaldson
    Jamie Gerson
    Emma Groia
    Anne and Charles Gunn
    Barry Hoffman
    Anne Hogarth
    Ken Karakashian
    Charles Kelly (in memory of Shane McCarthy)
    Marguerite Kelly (in memory of Shane McCarthy)
    Alison Kemper
    Stephen Lambert
    Candy Latimer
    Thomas Latimer
    Robert Lees
    Cayley Littlejohn
    Taylor Lukas
    Lisa Macdonald
    Paige Mahoney
    Seana Massey
    Gordon and Valerie McGiverin
    Gail McLellan
    Harry McMurtry
    Tim Morawetz and Sue MacGowan
    Brad Moyle
    David S Moyle
    Will Nelson
    Greer Pickford
    David Pogue
    Charlie Porter
    Kerry Reynolds
    Duncan Robertson
    Vanessa Sehmrau
    Robyn Short  
    Leanna Shully
    Caroline Stern
    Mike Stewart
    Steph Vesely
    Cathy Vincent-Donaldson
    Brian Weatherseed
    Derek White
    Shannon Willis
    Anonymous (1)

  • Kilcoo 20

    The Kilcoo 20 is a special group of individuals who have chosen to have a lasting impact on the lives of deserving children. Through a very generous gift to the Amici Endowment, totaling $100,000, the Kilcoo 20 will help to ensure that deserving boys and girls have the same experiences, friendships and memories that they enjoyed at camp year after year. We acknowledge and thank them for their leadership.

    Paul Chamberlain
    John Francis
    John Grant
    David Hadden
    David Hamer
    Richard Hamm
    John Hammett
    Alan Ingram
    Janet L’Heureux
    Peggy Latimer
    Allan Leal
    Jamie Macintosh
    Eric L McKinnon
    Rob McKinnon
    Gordon Petch
    Tom Reed
    David Roland
    Peter Sharpe
    Cassandra Kingsmill Stuart
    Julia West

  • The John R. Latimer Legacy Society

    Members of The John R. Latimer Legacy Society have pledged to build leaders for generations to come, by remembering Amici Children's Camp Charity in their wills. Thank you to the following:

    Paul Chamberlain *
    Bob Dameron *
    Barry Hoffman *
    Ken Jones *
    Carolyn Langill
    Peggy Latimer *
    Judith MacGowan *
    Jamie Macintosh *
    Cathy Mann *
    Tom Reed *
    Barry and Sandy Reynolds *
    Tom and Jane Richmond *
    Paul Stewart *
    The late John Stone and Allison Stone *

    * represents Founding Members of The John R. Latimer Legacy Society

  • Corporate Partners

    ($15,000 +)   

    CIBC Children's Foundation
    Shorcan Brokers Ltd 

    ($10,000 +)    

    Baffin Inc.            

    ($5,000 +)           

    Adobe Inc.

    ($1,000 +)   

    KPMG Canada 
    Thanal Trading Company Inc       
    Mississauga Seating Systems       
    Nemar Limited 
    YourCause LLC  

    ($1 - $999.99)     

    CPP Investments
    Eli Lilly Canada Inc.       
    Eric Johanssen Real Estate Services    
    HelloFresh Canada
    Labatt Brewing Company 
    Mark Dennys Personal Real Estate Corporation       
    Ontario Camps Association 
    Sun Life Financial  

  • Foundation Partners


    The Slaight Family Foundation  

    ($15,000 +)        

    Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation                                                            
    Peter & Catherine Clark Family Foundation      

    ($10,000 +)      

    Gordon and Ruth Gooder Charitable Foundation                 
    The Charles H. Ivey Foundation                                             
    The Delaney Family Foundation              

    ($5,000 +)             

    Aqueduct Foundation - Jalynn H. Bennett Foundation           
    The Hopscotch Foundation                              
    Jean Wansbrough Leadership Training Fund                              
    John Berry Charitable Foundation     
    Otto and Marie Pick Charitable Foundation    
    The Andrée Rhéaume and Robert Fitzhenry Family Foundation                                          
    The P & P Murray Foundation          

    ($2,500 +)                      

    Abby Fedosoff Memorial Fund                                       
    Dawn Tattle Family Foundation
    The Kopas Family Foundation    
    Pickford-Henderson Family Foundation  

    ($1,000 +)  

    Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation - John A. McLennan Family Fund 
    Losani Family Foundation Fund C/o Hamilton Community Foundation 
    The Betty and Joe Gray Family Foundation   

    ($500 +)       

    Gandy Charitable Foundation     
    Dusan Nedelko Foundation  

    ($100 +)     

    Jonathan D'Aversa Charitable Fund   
    Serviceberry Foundation 
    Viggo Lewis Foundation

  • Canoe Heads for Kids 2022 Sponsors

    Thank you to our Canoe Heads for Kids 2022 event sponsors! 

    Canadian Tire Leaside (Presenting Sponsor)
    Aspen Ridge Homes  
    Gord Waites Luxury Muskoka Properties
    Heaps Estrin Real Estate Team         
    Psiphon Inc.               
    Our Kids Media  

  • Tribute Giving

    In Honour Of

    Judy MacGowan
    John McKeown
    Dave Moyle     
    Greer Pickford
    Paul Semple
    Isabel Thomas       
    Rachel & Jessica

    In Memory Of

    Bruce Harris
    Dorothy Holt
    Peter McBurney
    Shane McCarthy
    Bruce Merrick
    Stephanie Little
    Barry Luksenberg  
    Jack Pearse
    Bob "Smoothie" Slingerland 

  • Community Events

    Gearheads for Kids 
    Haleakala Challenge
    Smoothie Invitational Golf Tournament
    Stu’s Trek to Camp

  • Visionaries ($25,000.00)

    Theresa and Seth Mersky        
    The Estate of Marian Norgrove

  • Pioneers ($15,000.00 to $24,999.00)
  • Archers ($10,000.00 to $14,999.00)

    John Kevin Bright

  • Pacesetters ($5,000.00 to $9,999.00)

    Andrew Alexanian                              
    Louise De Grandpre and Michael Merrithew                                      
    Paul and Susan Finkbeiner                      
    Greg and Tracy Guatto              
    Eric and Marcia Monteith                                               
    John and Christine O'Sullivan                                
    Barbara Ritchie                               
    David Roland                           
    Kevin and Lisa Green                                
    Ann Williams  

  • Trailblazers ($2,500.00 to $4,999.00)

    David and Andrea Armstrong                                    
    Don Barber                                              
    Paul and Sue Chamberlain                                    
    Steve Dent and Janet McLaren                      
    Carolyn Langill                                       
    Don Langill                                              
    Tara Lengyel                                       
    Bruce MacGowan                                            
    Judy MacGowan                                     
    Alex Moorhead       
    Tom Quinn and Janet Honsberger                                 
    Susan Rampersaud                                        
    The Estate of Stephen Clark                              
    Jamie Vallance 

  • Skippers ($1,000.00 to $2,499.00)

    Billy Anderson                                         
    Laura and Michael Ball                                              
    Dave Beeston                                          
    Catherine Benbow Plewes                                             
    John Berry                                       
    Robert and Susan Busby                                              
    Michael Cleary                                        
    Randy Cross                                              
    Gordon Currie and Robin Heintzman                                           
    Kevin Devine                                      
    David Dinniwell                                       
    Nenone Donaldson                                        
    Kent Elson                                   
    Andrew and Lori Frank                                              
    Phil and Laura Gellatly                                        
    Tenley Gibson                                    
    Adam Givertz                                     
    Eric and Tammy Hachmer                                           
    Barry Hoffman                                        
    William and Pamela Horton                                            
    Henry Huber                                            
    Jayne Huber                                       
    John Kennedy                                     
    Julia Kennedy and Tony Wonnacott              
    Mark Klym                                          
    Gillian and Mark Krause                                        
    David and Beth Latimer                                  
    Jeff Latimer and Larry Tobin                                           
    Mike Latimer                                           
    Peggy Latimer                                       
    Charlene Leonhardt                                       
    Bill and Janet L'Heureux 
    Jamie and Ingrid Macintosh                                            
    Susan Macrae                                        
    Kyle Magee and Danielle Gervais                                          
    Robert Magwood                                    
    Patti McFarlane                                             
    John and Lindsay McKeown                                      
    Rosie Michel and Daniela Marcoux               
    Daniel Mitchell                                        
    Janet and Paul Morrison                                            
    Andrew Muir                                            
    Tim Murray and Kimberly Curran                                              
    Will Nelson        
    Peter and Klara Oyler                                          
    Meredith Marie Phinney                                               
    Dana and Katie Porter                                     
    Elizabeth Porter                                     
    Kerry Reynolds                                        
    Scott Russell and Catherine Gregory                                          
    Mike and Marcie Sherwood                                        
    Matt Shoom-Kirsch and Natasha Flora                                      
    Robert and Sandra Short                                             
    John and Barb Stewart          
    Peter Trainor                                            
    Rob Turnbull                                            
    Sandy Walker                                          
    Heather Walton                                             
    Brian Weatherseed                                        
    Hank White and Cheryl Woodin                                       
    Sarah White
    Sarah Witmer  

  • Voyageurs ($500.00 to $999.99)

    Derek Allen                                              
    Nancy and Bill Anderson                                            
    Ken Armstrong                                         
    George and Stewie Baldwin                                      
    Roy and Janet Baldwin                                    
    Ralph and Nancy Birtch                                             
    Lindsay Blakely                                              
    Steve Boyce                                             
    Suzanne Bradshaw                                        
    Andrew Bridge                                               
    Kathleen Burns                                              
    Cindy Bush                                         
    John and Susan Carruthers                                             
    Scott Carson                                       
    Ian and Jane Chisholm                                               
    Diana Coates                                      
    John and Wendy Crean                                       
    Ryan Cross                                               
    Luke Davey                                         
    Gord Davidson                                         
    Carrie DeGroote                                              
    Jamie and Kim Delamere                                           
    Ashleigh Dempster                                             
    John Dewan                                            
    Martin Donegani                                     
    Dee Dorrance                                     
    Paul Douglas            
    John Francis                                            
    Jim Furlong                
    Andres Gantous                                       
    Bruce Geddes    
    John Gouinlock                                         
    Charles and Anne Gunn                                               
    Patrick Hamm                                         
    Audrey Horton                                       
    Kate Horton and Kevin Stewart                                        
    Catherine Howell                                           
    Kelley Johnson                                   
    Barry and Gillian Kennedy                                         
    Paul Kennedy                                     
    Teresa Keys                                        
    Eunjoo Kim                                              
    Mary and Doug Kirk                                           
    Greg and Laura Kirsch                                    
    John Kneale                                             
    Geordie Knowles                                     
    George and Leigh Knowles       
    Candy Latimer                                   
    Stefanie Laurence                                          
    Cayley Littlejohn  
    Tim Morawetz and Sue MacGowan                                           
    Don and Sarah MacIntosh                                         
    Pedro Martin                                     
    Scott and Nicole McBurney                                       
    Alison McDonald                                            
    John McLaughlin                                            
    Robert Mclean                                        
    Tim McMartin                                         
    Sue McNamara                                              
    Alexander and Marianne Miller                                              
    Brendan Morrison                                               
    David S. Moyle                    
    Heather Parker                                               
    Rick and Sarah Parsons                                              
    Gary Pelow                                        
    Barry and Sandy Reynolds                                         
    Duncan and Alyson Robertson                                              
    Paul Rose                                           
    Chris and Nancy Sainthill                                           
    Marg and Len Sakamoto                                           
    Douglas Scott                                     
    Geoffrey Seaborn and Jan de Pencier Seaborn                                       
    Peter Sharpe                                           
    Margaret Shorey                                    
    Robyn Short                                            
    Pat and Chris Snyder                                      
    Greg Souter                                             
    Emily Stern                                         
    David and Nancy Stewart                                          
    Paul Stewart                                           
    Allison Stone                                          
    Donald Clarke Story           
    Jennifer Trent                                    
    Connor Walton                                       
    Beverly West                                         
    Colin Williams                                         
    George Wright and Steph Miko                                      
    James Wyse                                       
    Glenn Zacher                                     
    Bob and Margo Zimmerman 

  • Pathfinders ($250.00 to $499.00)

    Jennifer Anderson                                    
    Paul Axelrod                                       
    Scott Bachly                                       
    Katie Barford                                      
    Jan Beddoe                                              
    Ruth Beddoe            
    Maurice and Pat Bent                                       
    Nick Best    
    Sarah Macrae Blakeley                                         
    Nick and Laura Boland                                               
    Lorne and Pam Bossin                                     
    Nicholas Boychuk                                           
    Julie Bredin Hartman                                        
    Nuria Bronfman                                       
    Carolyn Burgar                                               
    Laura Burgar                                           
    Andrew Burt                                      
    Samantha Butcher and Nick Zeibots                                      
    Robert and Paula Carrie                                              
    Damon Carrington                                               
    Brian Cartwright                                            
    Dean Chamberlain                                         
    Nick Chauvin                                      
    Ken and Kathi Clarke                                              
    Jim and Patricia Colley                                               
    Rodger Collins-Wright                                         
    James Cowan                                          
    William Cruess and Angela Cruess                                         
    Steve Davis                                              
    Alicia Della Maestra                                       
    Benjamin Dempsey                                             
    Sheana Desson                                        
    Stewart Dickson                                             
    Theresa and Howard Firestone                                            
    Frances Frisken                             
    Jamie Gerson                                          
    Brenda and Jim Gervais                                             
    Luke Gibson and Gillian Roberts                                           
    John Glover                                        
    Jill Graham                                         
    Emma Grola                                       
    Yvonne Harding                                      
    John and Barbara Hepburn                                        
    Doug Higgins                                          
    Tim and Judy Higgins                                    
    Keir Hunt                                            
    Bill Jack                                              
    Karen Jardim                                      
    Richard Jardim                                        
    Jennifer Jarvis                                    
    Robert Josephson                                          
    Aaron Kadey                                            
    Brian Kadey                                        
    Moss Kadey                                        
    Joanne and Ken Karakashian                                               
    George Karayannides                                     
    Robbie Keith                                      
    Janet Kennedy                                             
    Bill Kiel                                        
    Juliette King                                       
    Karli Kirkpatrick                                              
    Nat Knowles                                       
    Danielle Koehn                                               
    Karl and Kim Koehn                                           
    Gary and Mary Margaret Koreen                                            
    Kerry Law                                           
    Joseph Lindsay                                        
    Bill and Jane Love                                              
    Lisa Macdonald                                              
    Bart MacDougall                                            
    Glenn MacEwen                                      
    Susie Macrae                                     
    Willie Macrae               
    Lochlan and Joanne Magee                                          
    Ian Mathers                                             
    Andrew McCrodan                                         
    Gordon and Valerie McGiverin                                       
    Brian McGorman                                     
    Gail McLellan                                          
    Adrian Millman                                       
    Alex Minard                                       
    Shane Miskin                                     
    Bryan Mitchell                                   
    Heather Navis                                    
    Ray Niepage                                            
    Patricia Parker                                         
    Terrence Patterson                                        
    Gordon Petch                                     
    Ayrlea Porter                                      
    Charlie Porter                                    
    Anne Potter                                             
    Phil and Deborah Poutissou                                            
    Helen Power                                      
    Tyler Ray                                            
    Alan Renner                                            
    David Reynolds                                              
    James Reynolds                                      
    Tom Richmond                                        
    Martha Roberts                                      
    Bill and Sherri Robertson                                           
    Jennifer Rogers                                              
    Sarah Rogers                                           
    Mark Ross                                   
    Liv Ann Sabourin                                    
    Vanessa Sehmrau                                                        
    Geoff Shaw                                             
    Bobbie Sherwood                                          
    Phil Sherwood                                         
    Caroline Stern                                         
    Philip and Marlene Stern                                             
    Todd and Keltie Stewart                                     
    Kristin Taylor                                           
    Deborah Trent                                   
    Mike Unwin                                             
    Lyane Van Schaik-Munk and Dorian Munk                                        
    Steph Vesely                                           
    Jennifer Warrillow                                         
    Derek White                                            
    David Williams                                              
    Phil Williams                                           
    David Yeilding                                    
    Patricia Younger

  • Sparks ($100.00 to $249.00)

    Jamie Adams                                           
    Jodie Adams and David Turtle                                      
    Michael and Sara Adamson                                            
    Bruce Amos                                             
    Kate Anderson                                   
    Cindy Andrew                                    
    Jeremy Andrews          
    Gren Austin                                        
    Julia Avery                                          
    Robert and Joanne Awrey                                         
    Rob Baillie                                         
    Karen Baldwin                                        
    Sam Baldwin                                           
    Andrea Basen                                    
    Marie Bates                                       
    Sheila Beatty                                      
    Barbara Bees                                     
    John Bellamy                                          
    Tim Bermingham                                    
    Anne Biringer                                     
    Greg Birtch                                         
    Jaye Blakeley                                           
    Joey Blumenstein                                          
    William Bobier                                         
    Tomas Bognar                                         
    Katie Boomgaardt                                    
    Angele Boudreau                                           
    Jeff Bowman                                      
    Andrew  Bracht                                       
    Ed and Libby Bracht                                          
    Josh and Maia Bradshaw                                             
    Stuart and Anne Braund                                              
    Scott Broadhead                                     
    Edward Brohm                                        
    Alex Brunet                                        
    Christopher George Buckingham                                          
    Jennifer Bull                                            
    David and Janet Bumstead                                        
    Darrell Burt                                        
    John and Pam Butler                                     
    Thula Cade Goldsmith                                   
    Doug Caldwell                                         
    Barbara Callander                                          
    Robyn Cardy                                       
    Alison Carr                                         
    Mark and Sandra Carrington                                           
    William Carruthers                                              
    John and Bonnie Carter                                             
    Christine Cattell                                             
    Clive Chamberlain                                    
    Susan Chamberlain                                        
    Laurie Chappell                                          
    Madeline Chisholm                                           
    Maggie Christie                                              
    Kari Clark                                            
    Dan Coholan                                       
    Jennifer Collins                                               
    Caryl Colton                                              
    Michael Cooper                                              
    Sheila Cooper                                     
    Emily Corbett                                     
    Georgia Cottrelle                                           
    Susan Cottrelle                                               
    Stewart Coxford                  
    Campbell Craig                                              
    Robert Cramb                                           
    Anne Crawford                                               
    David Cronin                                       
    Andrew Cutler                                    
    Margaret Anne Cutler                                    
    James and Lisa Dale                                          
    Bob Dameron                                     
    Shirley Davey                                     
    Ann Davis                                           
    Marion Davis                                      
    William Deacon                                             
    Laura Dean                                              
    Mark Decker                                            
    Mitch Dent                                         
    Tessa Devlin                                            
    Madeline Dinsdale                                         
    Carole and Walter Jean Donaldson                                             
    Greg Dowdall                                          
    Simone Dreksler                                             
    Dale Dutton                                             
    Eric Duyker                                         
    Laura Elgar                                              
    Parker Elliot                                       
    Sascha Ellis                                        
    Scott Elmhirst                                         
    Matthew Enticknap                                             
    Pamela Estey                                     
    Daryn Everett                                     
    Anthony Farinaccio                                        
    Aaron Ferrera                                          
    Allison Ferrier                                    
    Helena Fine                                        
    Miriam Fine                                       
    Morty and Sarah Fine                                    
    Matthew Firestone                                        
    Jeff Fisher                                          
    Duncan Fitzhenry                                           
    Michael Fitzhenry                                          
    Valerie Flynn                                      
    Ryan Foster and Miriam Desjardins                                             
    Nathan Friedman                                          
    Alex Furness                                      
    Robert and Donna-Lynn Galloway                                          
    Alexis Gantous                                   
    Alex Gerlings                                     
    Laurens and Willa Gerlings                                             
    Duncan Gibson                                        
    Rebecca Giles                                    
    Tabish Gill                                   
    Debra Glass                                       
    Katie Glover                                       
    Richard Goldman                                    
    Brian and Joanne Gooding                                        
    Sarah Goring                                      
    Cameron Graham                                          
    Mary Graham                                    
    Pat Graham                                             
    Stephen and Diana Grand                                               
    Jean Grant                                               
    Scott Gray                                   
    Rob Grundy                                        
    David Guy                                           
    Jamieson Halfnight                                        
    Suzy Hall                                    
    David Hamer                                           
    Marney and Ian Hamilton                                         
    Gary James Handley                                           
    Pamela Hardie                                   
    Paul Harlock                                            
    Kevin Harper                                      
    Joseph Harrison                                      
    Caroline Helbronner                                      
    Matt Helfand                       
    Brady Henderson                                    
    Ellen Henderson                                    
    Donald Bruce Henning                                               
    John Henning                                     
    Tim Hester                                              
    Steph Hodsoll                                        
    Anne Hogarth                                    
    Christopher Hogarth                                           
    Alex Holmes                                      
    Mike Holownych                                            
    Ross Holt                                            
    Dan Horrigan                                           
    Lorna Horton                                      
    Jim and Lisa Houston                                        
    David Howell                                              
    Gavin Hull                                          
    Sarah Hunter                                      
    Ruth Hussman                                   
    Mason Huycke             
    Richard and Donna Ivey                                             
    Abbie Jack                                          
    Ryan Jacobs                                       
    David Jaffe                                         
    Emily Jarvis                                        
    Pearce and Wendy Jarvis                                           
    Brook Johnston                                      
    Duncan and Robyn Jones                                          
    Judy Joo                                       
    Mylene Kanert                                       
    Miriam Kaufman                                            
    Liam Kehoe                                        
    Alison Kemper                                   
    Charles Kingston                                            
    Liz Kirk                                    
    Elissa  Kline-Beber and Justin Beber                                             
    Adam Knight                                      
    Eric William Koehn                                              
    Carina Korab                                      
    Stefan Kossak                                     
    Micki and Eberhard Krause                                           
    Stephen Lambert                                           
    Amanda Lampard                                              
    Peggy Lampard                                              
    Thomas Latimer                                             
    Tori Latimer                                            
    Rob Leak                                      
    Duncan Leikucs                                              
    Erica Lenczner                                    
    Jen Lillie                                             
    Mike Lillie                                    
    David Lloyd                                           
    Ron Lloyd                                     
    Lawrence Lo                                          
    Mike Long and Jen Jackson                                               
    Peter Lount                                        
    Alex Lucas                                          
    David Luder                                        
    Taylor Lukas                                       
    Kirk Lyon                                       
    Ray and Margie Lyons                                      
    Erin D Mac Con                                      
    Bruce and Jane MacDonald                                             
    Tyler MacDonald                                            
    Jane MacEwen                                               
    Angus Macintosh                                           
    Doug MacIntosh                                       
    Alexander Douglas Mackay                                       
    Rob Mackay                                             
    Allan Maclean-Howard                                              
    David and Diane MacNicol                                        
    Riley Magee                                       
    Sharon Mah-Gin                                            
    Paige Mahoney                                              
    Stephanie Maier                                            
    Elizabeth Marks                                                                                  
    John and Jane Marshall                                      
    Ashleigh Martin                                             
    Seana Massey                                    
    Ian Matthews and Sandra Jarvis                                            
    Alan and Anne Marie Mayne                                     
    Jamie McAlpine                                       
    Peter McBurney                                      
    Jennifer McCuaig                                               
    Gavin and Carolyn McCulloch                                         
    Erin McGivney                                    
    Joanne McGorman                                        
    Marg and Greg McGregor                                         
    William and Mary McIlroy                                               
    Megan McIntyre                                            
    Margaret McKeown                                       
    Max McLernon                                               
    Harry McMurtry                                         
    Jim McMurtry                                          
    William McNeil                                       
    Vince McNeill                                          
    Kris Medhurst                                          
    Bob and Sally Medland                                       
    John and Jennifer Medland                                         
    Justin Medved                                         
    Philomena Meffe                                           
    Rena Mendelson                                            
    Zane Mersky                                            
    Lesley and Carl Millar                                        
    Patrick Mills                                       
    David and Marilyn Milne                                              
    Deanne Mitchell                                     
    Lorie Mitchell                                     
    Sean Mitchell                                          
    Dave Moffatt                                           
    Beverley Morden                                    
    Tracy Morley                                      
    Anne Morrison                                           
    Blake Morton                                     
    Brad Moyle                                              
    Martin Nadler                                         
    John Nardi                                               
    Harrison Newediuk                                             
    Paul Newman                                    
    Roman & Sandra Niemy                                              
    Scott Oakes                                        
    Wally and Sue Oakes                                          
    Carol O'Brien                                     
    Mitchell Oelbaum                                          
    Goran Orec                                              
    Patricia Oster                                         
    Jennifer Oyler                                          
    Megan Parker                                    
    Sarah Parkinson                                             
    Robert Parsons                                        
    David and Katie Partridge                                             
    Peter and Poppy Partridge                                             
    James Paulucci                                        
    Roger S. Peacock                                     
    Amanda-Sue Pearson                                
    Emily Peebles                                          
    Alexander Peh                                    
    Jane Pepino                                             
    Craig and Margot Perlmutter                                        
    Kim Persky                                          
    Douglas Pickard                                       
    Greer Pickford                                         
    Willa Pickford                                     
    David Pogue                                            
    Jackie Porter                                            
    Gillian Power                                     
    Sarah Power                                            
    Steve Power                                       
    John and Heather Puffer                                           
    Judith Rae                                          
    Cathy and Geoff Reeves                                            
    Tim Reilly                                           
    David Rennick                                    
    Kathy Reynolds                                       
    Tracy Reynolds                                               
    Sheila Richardson                                          
    Charlene Richmond                                       
    Geoffrey  Roberts                                          
    John Roberts                                           
    Jane Robertson                                              
    Barbara Robinson                                          
    Brenlee Robinson                                           
    Tamsyn Ross                                           
    Symantha Rush                                              
    Charles and Mary Lou Ruttan                                      
    Dean and Beth Rutty                                           
    Susan Sainsbury        
    Kathryn Samaras                                    
    Mary Samson                                     
    Adrian Sark                                              
    Molly Saunders                                              
    Bill and Meredith Saunderson                                     
    Alison Schmidt                                               
    David and Liz Scholl                                       
    Renata Schreier                                             
    Charlotte Scott                                        
    Elizabeth Scott                                               
    Lindsay Scott                                      
    Lorna Scott                                         
    Olivia Scott                                              
    Emma Seaborn                                              
    Virginia Seaborn                                            
    Shawn and Margaret Sevier                                      
    Tim Sevier                                          
    Craig and Kristin Shannon                                      
    Ian Shantz                                    
    Dan Sharp                                          
    David Sherman                                              
    Jonathan Shoom-Kirsch                                             
    Leanna Shully                                     
    Derek Sigel                                        
    Genevieve Simone                                         
    Danielle Simpson                                     
    Gwynneth and David Simpson                                   
    Philomena and Ruth Sirur                                         
    Molly Skelly and Brendan Weaver                                   
    Myles Slocombe                                      
    Joan Smart                                   
    Martin Smieszek                                            
    Brandon Smith                                               
    Lori and Rich Smith                                               
    Margaret and Stephen Smith                                    
    Trevor Smith                                           
    Megan Snape                                          
    Heather Snyder and John Lightle                                     
    Stuart Snyder                                          
    Joe Soga                                             
    Matthew Soper                                       
    Theodore Spevick                                    
    Tim Stanley                                             
    Sarah Stern                                             
    Neal Steven                                        
    Thomas Stevens                                      
    James Stewart                                   
    Mike Stewart                                     
    Barry Stork                                              
    Charlotte Strahl                                    
    Ann Sutherland                                       
    Beverley Szandtner                                        
    Nigel Tan                                     
    Hayleigh Telesnicki                                        
    Peter Teti                                           
    Cecily Thomas                                         
    Isabel Thomas                                    
    Rosemary Thomson and Robert LaRue                                             
    Nancy Tippin                                           
    Monica Tirion                                 
    Daphne and Ido Tonellato                                            
    Bob and Liz Topp                                            
    Paul Turner                                              
    Sarah Uffelmann                                           
    Martha Vallance                                            
    Victor and Pam Vallance                                           
    Don and Julie Vickerman                           
    Jeffery Wagstaff and Kelly Whitelock                                           
    Michael J. Walker                                    
    Tyler Walker                                      
    Louis Walton                                      
    Michelle Warren                                            
    Chuck Waterman                                    
    Amanda Watkins                                           
    Kirsten Weekes                                              
    Kyle West                                    
    James White                                           
    Thomas White                                   
    Sean Williamson                                     
    Don Wilson                                             
    John Wilson                                       
    Julia Wilson                                             
    Penny Wilson                                     
    Graham Withers                                            
    Jennifer Woods                                              
    Mike Wrigglesworth                                           
    Karen Wright                                     
    Katie Wright                                       
    James Yarmon                                         
    Tom Yarmon  

  • Kindling ($1.00 to $99.00)

    Kait Abma                                          
    Kate Adach Kate Adach                                              
    Graham and Peggy Adams                                            
    Ryan and Krista Adams                                     
    Jaime Anderson                                             
    Natelle Appleford                                          
    Dianne Armstrong                                         
    The Armstrong Family                                            
    Holly Atkinson                                    
    Kaitlyn Axelrod                                               
    Victoria Badgley                                             
    Celena Baggio                                    
    Joanne Baggio                                   
    Yafa Bale                                            
    Joseph Bales                                           
    Garrett Bangsboll                                          
    Bill and Christy Barber                                     
    Kate Barrett                                       
    Chuck and Diane Bayless                                           
    Charles Beatty                                         
    Marianne Bech                                              
    Gillian Bevan                                      
    Katie Bies                                                                
    Marnie Blackwood                                         
    Stephen Boeckh                                             
    Chris Bohme                                            
    James Boland                                          
    Nicole Boland                                     
    Vicky Boomgaardt                                         
    Karen Boriss                                       
    Megan Boriss                                     
    Heleba Brink                                      
    Laurie Brooks                                     
    Liam Brown                                             
    Darcy Browne                                    
    Benjamin Burgar                                     
    Grayson Burke                                         
    Derek Caldwell                                                                              
    Lauren Cappell                                        
    Christine Cerullo                                            
    Jen Cerullo                                         
    Cameron Chamberlain                                        
    Cody Clifford                                           
    Jennifer Cobden                                             
    Connie Colton                                    
    Lydia Conrad                                      
    Sarah Copeland                                              
    Thomas Corey                                    
    Niall Coristine                                         
    Catherine Cotton                                            
    Mairi Cowan                                       
    Bonnie Croll and Robbie Henry                                        
    Brian Cullen                                        
    Sue Cumming                                     
    Ted Currie                                    
    Rafaella D’Elia Corbeth                                      
    Mark Davis                                              
    Ken Day                                              
    Charlie Deeks                                          
    Sue Delamere                                    
    John Dempster                                              
    Riyaz Deshmukh                                             
    Wakako Dillon                                    
    Angelica Dimopoulos                                     
    Adele and Marc Dolgin                                              
    Cathy Donaldson                                   
    Tim Donegani                                          
    Stephen Dooley                                              
    Ben Driver                                          
    Gordon Dunlop                                        
    Andrew Easto                                           
    John Eby                                             
    Lisa Eisen                   
    Ryan Evans                                              
    Sara Feniak                                             
    Vicky Fenwick-Sehl                                        
    Sandra Fiorino                                   
    Anne and Bob Fisher                                              
    Wendy Flewelling                                             
    Robin and Kevin Foster                                              
    Matt Fox                                            
    Coral Fraser                                       
    Jordan Freedman                                           
    Elayna Fremes                                   
    Marla Friedman                                             
    Matt George                                      
    Lisa Gilbert                                         
    Maddie Gillmeister                                            
    Michael Graham                                            
    Sherrill and Colin Graham                                         
    Karley Grand                                      
    Sue Green                                          
    Jonathan Greer                                       
    Rob Griffith                                        
    Emily Griffiths                                    
    Miles Groome                                         
    Katelyn Guilleman                                         
    Gillian Gunn                                       
    Rebecca Guy                                      
    Jessica Haag                                      
    Mathew Harrison                                    
    Carey Heeney                                          
    Ryan Henderson                                            
    Geoffrey Hendra                                            
    Katherine Hick                                         
    Chris Hillyer                                       
    Susan Hogarth                                   
    Kenneth Holt                                           
    Junling Hu                                          
    James Hunter                                     
    Paul D Hutton                                    
    Jay Ichiyen                                                                                 
    Erin Jaggard                                            
    Shannon Jukes                                   
    Luke Kadey                                         
    David Kappele                                         
    Elyse Karakashian                                          
    Peter Karakashian                                          
    Liam Keane                                              
    Sarah Keast                                        
    Sam Kennedy                                           
    Mary Knowles                                    
    Faith Kowalchuk                                             
    Ryan Krausz                                             
    Jesse Kronick                                      
    Maddie Lafleur                                              
    Fraser Landry                                     
    William Landry                                               
    Charles Latimer                                             
    Noah Latimer                                          
    TJ Latimer                                          
    Andy Law                                           
    Joan Law                                            
    John Lea                                      
    Allan Leal                                      
    Nadine Leggett                                       
    Anne LeMesurier and Silas Poole                                     
    Stan Litch                                           
    Philip Lloyd                                         
    Jeffrey Lloyd                                 
    Dana Lobo                                               
    Aldo Lopez-Gil                                   
    Mary Joan Lough                                            
    Subhash Lukose                                       
    Ellie MacBain                                     
    Andrew Macdonald                                       
    Jennifer Macdonald and Lyn Houley                                            
    Leora MacDonald                                           
    Michael MacInnis                                    
    Leah Macnamara                                           
    Ross MacNaughton                                             
    Richard M Maier                                            
    Sandra Manning                                            
    Ian Miller                                        
    Sam Marley                                        
    Lesley Martel                                     
    Kieran Mathew                                              
    Sheela Mathew                                              
    Josh Matsdorf                                    
    Robert McAdam                                      
    Angela McCabe                                              
    Eamonn McConnell                                        
    Megan McConnell                                             
    Megan Mccoy                                    
    James McCulloch                                     
    Julia McCurdy                                     
    Bob and Jo-Anne McDonald                                          
    Haley McDonough                                          
    Bronwyn McDougall                                      
    Wendy McDowall                                          
    Ashleigh McGirr                                             
    Ryan McGovern                                       
    Julie McGowan                                              
    Brent Mckean                                    
    Susan L McKelvey                                    
    Andrea McPhedran                                        
    Bill Meeker                                              
    Ian Melzer                                          
    Roz Mendelson                                              
    Benjamin Merrick                                          
    Margaret Miller                                             
    Robb Minnes                                           
    Barry Mitchell                                         
    Laura Morrill                                      
    John  Morris                                            
    Cameron Morrison                                              
    Ronald Morrison                                            
    Alexandra Morton                                               
    Mary Muir                                          
    Brendan Murphy                                            
    Tanya Murray                                     
    Rosemary Mustard                                              
    Carla Nanka-Bruce                                         
    Roshan Nanua                                         
    Nikki Neil                                           
    Henry Newediuk                                            
    Dave Newnham                                             
    Pip Nightingale                                              
    Samantha Nye                                   
    Penny O'Neill                                        
    Johanna O'Reilly                                            
    Alec Orvis                                           
    Lindsay Oughtred                                    
    Katie Overmonds                                           
    Kim Oxley                                    
    Sarah Pace                                         
    Alyson Parker                                     
    Beth and John Parker                                     
    Cecilia Parkes                                     
    Pav Parth                                            
    Aaron Paul                                                                            
    Sarah-Jane Pearce                                         
    Michelle Phillips                                      
    Louise Pichette                                       
    Richard Pickford                                             
    Rochelle Pincovich                                             
    Simon Pinsky                                      
    Racquel Posluns                                             
    Elspeth Poulson                                             
    Madeleine Poutissou                                     
    Laura Power                                       
    Judy Rapkin                                        
    Lynne Raskin                                      
    Linda Ray                                           
    Doreen Riggin                                    
    Adam Rivard                                      
    Edward Roberts                                      
    Jim Roberts                                        
    Richard Robinson                                           
    Shayne Robinson                                           
    Thea Robinson                                               
    Laura Rodgers                                    
    Mark Rogers                                           
    Michael and Katie Roland                                            
    Judy Romero                                      
    Lisa Rosen                                          
    Dave Ross                                    
    Jordan Ross                                             
    Matthew Ross                                         
    Joan M. Roth                                            
    Suzie Rudy                                          
    John Ryder                                              
    Ellie Sadinsky Jeffrey                                     
    Ashley Sambrook                                    
    Russell Sanders                                              
    Thomas Saunders                                          
    Andrew G Scace                                      
    Emily Scott                                              
    Ken David Scott                                       
    Sally Scott                                          
    Adam Seaborn                                        
    Keith and Sheila Seaman                                           
    Katie Sevier                                             
    Victoria Sheppard                                          
    Andrew Sherbin                                             
    Cam Sherratt                                      
    Mark Shopiro                                     
    Jordan Shuler                                     
    Melissa Siah                                       
    Cole Singleton                                    
    Carolyn Sixt                                        
    Brittany Leigh Skelly                                            
    Madison Skobel                                     
    Heather Somers                                             
    Kate Somers                                      
    Patrick and Susan Spence                                            
    Tessa Steenstra                                             
    Eve-Lynn Stein                                       
    Hannah Stewart                                            
    Connor Stinson                                              
    Reid A Stinson                                         
    Alexandra Stiver                                            
    Christine Strang                                     
    Mayuran Sunderam                                            
    Shannon Talarico                                           
    Sarah Thornton                                              
    Patrick Tingley                                         
    Heather Trim                                     
    Sherrill Tucker                                    
    John and Pam Tyner                                        
    Liz Usher                                    
    Christina Vardanis                                         
    James Vuckovic                                              
    Robert Wagstaff                                            
    Bruce Wallace                                         
    Naoe Watanabe                                            
    Paul Weale                                              
    Nathan Werker                                              
    Pam and Gordon West                                      
    Naomi Wheeler                                             
    Graeme White                                        
    Julie White                                              
    Carole Willis                                          
    Shannon Willis                                      
    Mark Wilson                                      
    Lindsay Woods                                               
    Matt Wright                                       
    Todd Yates                                                                                


Our donors are very important to us. Every effort has been made to ensure the listings are accurate. Please notify our Development Officer, Events and Communications, Greer Pickford, by email ( of any changes or omissions.