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About Amici

Donor Listing

Amici's Camp Champions: Donor Listing

In 1966, a few teenage campers saved enough money to send one boy to camp. Over fifty years later, more supporters and believers in camp have joined in making camp possible for thousands of children. We are so grateful to our partner camps and donors for supporting children and youth in discovering their full potential.

  • Partner Camps

    Amici would like to thank the following summer camps for their dedication to making camp possible for so many children over the years. Your contributions cannot be measured, thank you!

    Arrowhead Camp
    Camp Awakening
    Camp Can-Aqua
    Canadian Adventure Camp
    Cedar Ridge Camp
    Camp Cherith
    Camp Couchiching
    Frontier Trails Camp
    Glen Bernard Camp
    Camp Henry (YMCA)
    Hidden Bay Leadership Camp
    Camp Kandalore
    Camp Kawartha
    Camp Kennebec
    Kettleby Valley Camp
    Kilcoo Camp
    Camp Kirk
    Camp Kitchikewana (YMCA)
    Camp Mansfield
    Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da
    Camp Nokomis
    Camp Northland-B'nai Brith
    Camp Northway
    Camp Oconto
    Onondaga Camp
    Camp Otterdale
    Camp Pathfinder
    Camp Pine Crest (YMCA)
    Camp Ponacka
    Project Canoe
    Camp Queen Elizabeth (YMCA)
    RKY Camp
    Camp Scugog
    StepStones Summer Camp
    Camp Tamakwa
    Camp Tanamakoon
    Camp Tawingo
    Camp Ten Oaks
    Camp Wabikon
    Camp Walden
    Camp Wanakita (YMCA)
    Camp Wenonah
    Camp Winston

  • Leadership League

    The Leadership League recognizes that behind every leader are other leaders who have influenced their lives. In the case of our young campers, they have counsellors and other camp staff who they can look up to and learn from each summer. What they do not see are the donors who are quietly supporting their growth and leadership behind the scenes. Amici is grateful to those who have made a five-year commitment, the average number of years our campers attend camp.  

    - Ambassadors' Council -

    J. Kevin Bright
    Michael Budman and Diane Bald Family Foundation at Toronto Foundation
    Susan Finkbeiner
    Newton Glassman
    Don and Denyse Green Family Foundation at Toronto Foundation
    Greg Guatto and Family
    Theresa Mersky
    Hartley and Heather Richardson
    George Wright and Steph Miko

    - Explorer Club -

    Andrew Alexanian
    Jalynn H. Bennett Foundation on behalf of Sam Bennett and Jennifer Bassett
    Laura Burgar
    The Canavan Family Foundation
    John Francis
    Greenwin Inc. c/o Kevin and Lisa Green
    The Latimer Family
    Eric and Marcia Monteith
    Peter M Partridge
    David Roland
    Schneider Family Foundation
    Richard Wernham and Julia West
    Anonymous Donor

    - Adventurer Club -

    Carolyn Langill
    Cathy Mann
    Alex Moorhead
    Peter Partridge and Poppy Gilliam Family Fund at the Niagara Community Foundation

    - Camper Club -

    Billy Anderson
    David and Andrea Armstrong
    David Beeston
    Jamie Campbell
    Bob Cronin
    Randy Cross and Family
    Phil and Laura Gellatly
    Eric and Tammy Hachmer
    Kate Horton and Kevin Stewart
    William and Pamela Horton
    Mike and Jenn Jack
    Gillian and Mark Krause
    Don Langill
    Wendy Lawson
    Judy MacGowan
    Robert Magwood
    Rosie Michel and Daniela Marcoux
    Andy Muir
    Tim Murray and Kimberly Curran
    Scott Russell and Catherine Gregory
    Matt Shoom-Kirsch and Natasha Flora
    Paul and Lesley Steven
    John and Barb Stewart
    Jamie Vallance
    Sandy Walker
    W. Brett Wilson
    Patricia Younger

  • The John R. Latimer Legacy Society

    Members of The John R. Latimer Legacy Society have pledged to build leaders for generations to come, by remembering Amici Camping Charity in their wills. Thank you to the following:

    Paul Chamberlain *
    Bob Dameron *
    Barry Hoffman *
    Ken Jones *
    Carolyn Langill
    Peggy Latimer *
    Judith MacGowan *
    Jamie Macintosh *
    Cathy Mann *
    Tom Reed *
    Barry and Sandy Reynolds *
    Tom and Jane Richmond *
    Paul Stewart *
    The late John Stone and Allison Stone *

    * represents Founding Members of The John R. Latimer Legacy Society

  • Corporate and Foundation Partners

    BMO Financial Group  
    RBC Foundation  
    The Slaight Family Foundation  

    Camis Inc.
    Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation
    TD Bank Group - Community Relations

    Gordon and Ruth Gooder Charitable Foundation
    TD Securities Underwriting Hope Fund
    The W. Garfield Weston Foundation

    J.P. Bickell Foundation ℅ Scotiatrust
    CIBC Children’s Foundation
    The Christina Mary Hendrie Trust for Scottish and Canadian Charities
    The Hopscotch Foundation ℅ Genova Private Management
    Shorcan Brokers Ltd
    Sprout Foundation
    Willowool Foundation

    Aon Risk Solutions
    The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited
    The Hunter Family Foundation
    The Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation, John A. McLennan Family Fund
    The George Lunan Foundation
    Jean Wansbrough Leadership Training Fund

    Birch Island Foundation at Aqueduct Foundation c/o Scotiatrust
    Heathbridge Capital Management Ltd
    Industrial Alliance
    Jackman Foundation
    Kopas Family Foundation
    P & P Murray Foundation
    RBC Royal Bank
    Rotary Club Of East York
    Dawn Tattle Family Foundation

    Amici would like to thank the following for their generous sponsorship support of Canoe Heads for Kids 2018:

    Altus Group
    Arrow Capital
    Aspen Ridge Homes
    Hazell & Collins Associates
    Mercer Canada
    TD Bank Group

    Amici would like to thank the following for their generous in-kind support of Canoe Heads for Kids 2018:

    Clif Bars
    G Adventures
    Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre
    Hazell & Collins Associates
    Stinson Owl-Lite
    T-Shirt Elephant

  • Endless Summer Monthly Giving Program

    Amici would like to thank the following donors for supporting endless summers for campers through their monthly donations:

    Elizabeth Adamson
    Jonathan Bacon
    Catherine Benbow Plewes
    Ralph Birtch
    Chris Bohme
    Clive Chamberlain
    Laurie Chappell
    Nick Chauvin
    Madeleine Davidson
    John Dewan
    Stewart Dickson
    Jamie Gerson
    Anne Gunn
    Barry Hoffman
    Anne Hogarth
    Ken Karakashian
    Alison Kemper
    Eun Joo Kim
    Robert and Mike Lees
    David Lloyd
    Taylor Lukas
    Seana Massey
    Gordon and Valerie McGiverin
    Gail McLellan
    Brad Moyle
    David S Moyle
    Will Nelson
    David Pogue
    Charlie Porter
    Duncan Robertson
    Vanessa Sehmrau
    Robyn Short  
    Danielle Simpson
    Cathy Vincent-Donaldson
    Chuck Waterman

  • Tribute Giving

    Thank you to the donors who honoured a friend, a family member or colleague with a special tribute gift.


    Alex's Birthday
    Dr. Kenneth Axmith
    David Barber
    Benjamin's Birthday
    Jesse, Jodie, Tyler and Nathalie Campbell
    Michael and Rachel Feldstein
    Trevor Findlay
    The wedding of Ryan Forrest and Daniel Myran
    James' Birthday
    Jordan's Birthday
    Libby's Birthday
    Logan's Birthday
    Luc's Birthday
    Matthew's Birthday
    Daniel Myran
    Peter and Klara Oyler
    Paradigm Capital
    Ian Ritchie
    Alexander Ross
    The wedding of Tara Ryan and Ryan Zukiel
    Donald Joseph Shepley
    Paul Steele
    Gillian Stinson and Jason Reid
    Cecily Stohn


    Greg Bertalan
    John Burgar
    Brent Edwards
    Linda Flook
    Jean Gibb nee Sault
    Avia Howard
    Peter Laurence
    Dr. William Macrae
    Jack Meldrum
    Barry Simon Rosengarten Luxsenberg
    John Stone

  • Community Events

    Amici would like to thank the following for contributing and supporting kids going to camp through their independent fundraising efforts:

    70’s Guys Golf Day
    Explore Your Outdoors: A Charitable Expedition
    Lytton Park Ball Hockey
    Purves Christmas Party
    Tawingo Alumni Circle

  • Kilcoo 20

    The Kilcoo 20 is a special group of individuals who have chosen to have a lasting impact on the lives of deserving children. Through a very generous gift to the Amici Endowment, totaling $100,000, the Kilcoo 20 will help to ensure that deserving boys and girls have the same experiences, friendships and memories that they enjoyed at camp year after year. We acknowledge and thank them for their leadership.

    Paul Chamberlain
    John Francis
    John Grant
    David Hadden
    David Hamer
    Richard Hamm
    John Hammett
    Alan Ingram
    Janet L’Heureux
    Peggy Latimer
    Allan Leal
    Jamie Macintosh
    Eric L McKinnon
    Rob McKinnon
    Gordon Petch
    Tom Reed
    David Roland
    Peter Sharpe
    Cassandra Kingsmill Stuart
    Julia West

  • Visionaries

    Visionaries are those special friends of Amici who have contributed $25,000 + between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 to help share the gift of summer camp. Thank you to the following:

    Aon Risk Solutions
    BMO Financial Group
    Camis Inc.
    Theresa Mersky
    The Slaight Family Foundation

  • Pioneers

    Pioneers are those special friends of Amici who have made a contribution of $15,000 - $24,999 between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 to help share the gift of summer camp. Thank you to the following:

    CIBC Children's Foundation
    The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation

  • Archers

    Archers are those special friends of Amici who have made a contribution of $10,000 -  $14,999 between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 to help share the gift of summer camp. Thank you to the following:

    Michael Budman and Diane Bald Family Foundation at Toronto Foundation
    Peter and Catherine Clark Family Foundation
    Newton Glassman
    Gordon and Ruth Gooder Charitable Foundation
    Don and Denyse Green Family Foundation at Toronto Foundation
    Greg Guatto
    Joseph Lebovic Charitable Fund at The Jewish Foundation Of Greater Toronto
    Susan Macrae
    MEC, Mountain Equipment Co-operative
    Hartley and Heather Richardson
    Craig Smith
    The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
    Willowool Foundation

  • Pacesetters

    Pacesetters are those special friends of Amici who have made a contribution of $5,000 - $9,999 between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 to help share the gift of summer camp. Thank you to the following:

    Adobe Foundation
    Andrew Alexanian
    Jalynn H. Bennett Foundation on behalf of Sam Bennett and Jennifer Bassett
    J.P. Bickell Foundation c/o Scotiatrust
    J. Kevin Bright
    The Canavan Family Foundation
    Susan Finkbeiner
    John Francis
    Greenwin Inc. c/o Kevin and Lisa Green
    The Hopscotch Foundation c/o Genova Private Management
    Wendy L. Lawson
    Peter M Partridge
    Schneider Family Foundation
    Shorcan Brokers Ltd
    TD Securities Underwriting Hope Fund
    Richard Wernham and Julia West
    Patricia Younger
    Anonymous Donors (2)

  • Trailblazers

    Trailblazers are those special friends of Amici who have made a contribution of $2,500 -  $4,999 between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 to help share the gift of summer camp. Thank you to the following:

    Alva Foundation
    David and Andrea Armstrong
    Baffin Inc.
    Laura and Michael Ball
    The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited
    Paul and Sue Chamberlain
    Gian Delzotto
    Bob Dorrance and Gail Drummond
    Mark Hoogeveen
    Losani Family Foundation Fund c/o Hamilton Community Foundation
    The George Lunan Foundation
    The Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation, John A. McLennan Family Fund
    Eric and Marcia Monteith
    Alex Moorhead
    Peter Partridge and Poppy Gilliam Family Fund at the Niagara Community Foundation
    Jean Wansbrough Leadership Training Fund
    Ann Williams

  • Skippers

    Skippers are those special friends of Amici who have made a contribution of $1,000 -  $2,499 between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 to help share the gift of summer camp. Thank you to the following:

    Anstruther Management Inc.
    Don Barber
    Anne Benaroya
    Catherine Benbow Plewes
    Birch Island Foundation at Aqueduct Foundation c/o Scotiatrust
    Jamie Campbell and Cynthia Hickey
    Peter Cram
    Randy Cross
    Marion Davis
    Kevin Devine
    David Dinniwell
    Kathy DiSilvestro
    D'Orazio Group
    David and Arlene Dougall
    Elemental Inc.
    Mike and Rachel Feldstein
    Trevor Findlay and Steph Kwon
    Louis and Susan Forbes
    Andy and Lori Frank
    Phil and Laura Gellatly
    Matt Gibson
    The Don & Shirley Green Family Charitable Foundation
    Eric Hachmer
    Heathbridge Capital Management Ltd
    Kate Horton and Kevin Stewart
    William and Pamela Horton
    Bill Houston
    Casey Howell
    Brent Hubner
    Mark Hubner
    Industrial Alliance
    Arnold Irwin
    Calynn Irwin
    Greg and Laura Kirsch
    Kopas Family Foundation
    Gillian and Mark Krause
    Carolyn Langill
    Don Langill
    Jeff Latimer and Larry Tobin
    Michael Latimer
    Peggy Latimer
    Bill and Janet L'Heureux
    Bruce S. MacGowan
    Judy MacGowan
    Jamie and Ingrid Macintosh
    Mandy Macrae  
    Robert Magwood
    Nolan Mandel
    Patricia and Scott McCain
    Patti McFarlane
    Andy McNair
    The Miron Family
    Daniel Mitchell
    Andy Muir
    Tim Murray and Kimberly Curran
    P & P Murray Foundation
    Nicol Family Foundation, Jim and Christie Nicol
    RBC Royal Bank
    Linda Read
    The Robert and Tatiana Ritchie Foundation
    Rotary Club of East York
    Scott Russell and Catherine Gregory
    David Sauve
    Andrew G Scace
    Matt Shoom-Kirsch and Natasha Flora
    Robert and Sandra Short
    John and Barb Stewart
    Steve Stipsits
    Street Capital Bank of Canada
    Sara and Graeme Thomson
    Peter Trainor
    Peter Turkstra
    Rob Turnbull
    Jamie Vallance
    Gord Waites
    Sandy Walker
    Phil Williams
    James Wyse

  • Voyageurs

    Voyageurs are those special friends of Amici who have made a contribution of $500 - $999 between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 to help share the gift of summer camp. Thank you to the following:

    Francesca Allman
    Billy Anderson
    Appleby College
    Ken Armstrong
    Ralph Birtch
    Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
    BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.
    Kevin Brady
    Guy Burry
    Winifrede Burry
    Anne Canning
    Susan and John Carruthers
    Maggie Christie
    Susan Christie
    Michael Cleary
    A. Margo Coleman
    Howard Craven
    Ruth Crehan
    Ian and Jennifer Currie
    John Dewan
    Michael Douglas
    Thomas Eby
    Kent Elson
    Andrew Feldstein
    Brian and Joanne Gooding
    Leslie Grant
    Rosemary Grant
    The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club (2007) Corp.
    Hogan Pharmacy Corunna
    Chris Hogarth
    Peter Hubner
    James Joyce
    Maija Judelson
    The K&G Group
    John H. Kennedy
    John Kneale
    Charlene Leonhardt
    The Viggo Lewis Foundation
    Lifeline IT
    Lisa Macdonald
    Richard MacDonnell
    Marsh & McLennan Companies
    Nicole and Scott McBurney
    Todd McDonald
    Sue McKenzie
    John McLaughlin
    Tim McMartin
    Bruce Merrick
    Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da
    Rosie Michel and Daniela Marcoux
    Cam Mingay and Christina Budweth Mingay
    David S. Moyle
    Peter and Klara Oyler
    Peter W. Partridge
    Gordon Petch
    Larry and Judy Phillips
    Richard Pilosof
    Andrea Potter
    RBC Investments
    Marie Josee Rémillard
    Robert Renaud
    David Rogers
    Jennifer Ruddy
    Chris and Nancy Sainthill
    Len and Margaret Sakamoto
    Vanessa Sehmrau
    Michael and Marcie Sherwood
    Andrew Shoom-Kirsch
    Kirk Sloane
    Richard Smeenk
    Pat and Chris Snyder
    Stantec Consulting Ltd
    Allison Stone
    Richard Tattersall
    Taylor Statten Camps
    Chuck Waterman
    Camp Wenonah
    Jennifer Willis
    Karen Young
    Bob and Margo Zimmerman
    Anonymous Donor

  • Pathfinders

    Pathfinders are those special friends of Amici who have made a contribution of $250 - $499 between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 to help share the gift of summer camp. Thank you to the following:

    Sharon Anderson
    Bob and Erica Armstrong
    George and Stewie Baldwin
    Roy and Janet Baldwin
    Sam Baldwin
    Jordana Bengall
    Maurice and Pat Bent
    Sophie Bertram
    Lorne and Pam Bossin
    Helen Braithwaite
    Christopher Bray
    Adam Brown
    Samuel Buckley
    Jenifer Burbidge
    The late John Burgar
    David Caldwell
    David Campbell
    Rob and Paula Carrie
    Mark and Sandra Carrington
    Dave Carruthers
    John Carruthers and Susan Mendes de Franca
    Gary Chapman
    Sandra Church
    Donna Corbett
    Sara Creaghan
    Neil Danics
    David Howell Professional Corporation
    Allan Davis
    Ann Davis
    Brad Davis
    Steve Dent
    Jeffrey Dique
    Peter Farwell
    Fix Auto Allen Expressway
    Nathan and Elaine Frank
    Alex Furness
    Robert and Donna-Lynn Galloway
    Jamie Gerson
    Brenda Gervais
    Julie Girvan
    Doug Goodman
    Kim Graybiel
    Kim Graydon
    Paul Harlock
    Shirley A. Hayhurst
    Matt Helfand
    Karen Heney
    Barry Hoffman
    Greg Hogarth
    Pam Huycke
    Investors Group
    Paul and Linda Ireland
    Pearce and Wendy Jarvis
    JL Entertainment
    Allan Kamerman
    Joanne and Ken Karakashian
    Steven Kaufman
    James Keating
    Robbie Keith
    Eun Joo Kim
    Philip King
    Brent and Gillian Knightley
    Erik and Vicky Koudstaal
    Catherine Lawrence
    Robert and Mike Lees
    Doug Leyland
    Bryan Lipovetsky
    Ray and Margie Lyons
    Sheena Macdonald
    Graeme MacGregor
    Janet MacInnis
    Alexander Mackay
    Scott Mackay
    Lochlan Magee
    Ian Mauchan
    Christine Maw
    Jamie McAlpine
    J Lorne McEvoy
    Mark McEwan
    Guy and Joanne McLean
    Gail McLellan
    Ian and Judy McMartin
    William McNeil
    Elaine McWhirter
    Andrew and Jeanne Medland
    Alexander and Marianne Miller
    Sarah Mills
    Jessica Milton
    Alex Minard
    Sean Mitchell
    John Moore
    Jane Mooy
    Sherry Moraca
    David Moritsugu
    Rosalyn Morrison
    Greg Mozesson
    Joan and Ian Murray
    Sue Neal
    Dave Nelson
    Greg and Maria Padovani
    Richard Peebles
    Irina Petukhova
    Camp Ponacka
    Tyler Ray
    Reiss Family Foundation
    Barry and Sandy Reynolds
    Sarah Rogers
    Chris Rypkema
    David and Susan Scandiffio
    William Scott
    Adam Seaborn
    Riley Senft
    Andrew Shaw
    Robyn Short
    Karen Skobel
    Julia Steegstra
    Peter Steger
    James Stewart
    Michael Stewart
    Stinson Owl-Lite
    J D Sutcliffe
    Camp Tamakwa
    David Thomson
    Lyane Van Schaik-Munk and Dorian Munk
    Tom Van Tighem
    Derek and Suzanne Vendramin
    Robert White
    Colin Williams
    Toby Wu

  • Sparks

    Sparks are those special friends of Amici who have made a contribution of $100 - $249 between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 to help share the gift of summer camp. Thank you the following:

    Jay Aber
    Susan Adams
    Elizabeth Adamson
    Michael and Sara Adamson
    Violeta Addante
    Toni Adolfson
    Marini Agence
    Andy Aicklen
    Paula Aicklen
    Michael Aird
    Alex Akselrod
    Krista Alexander
    Daena Allen Noxon
    Derek Allen
    Josephine Aloisio
    John Alton
    Jennifer Anderson
    Lisa Applegath
    Carter Armstrong
    Peter Atkins
    Andrew Augurati
    Lyn Austin
    Robert and Joanne Awrey
    Mike Bailey
    Jennifer Bain
    Rosemary Bain
    Michael Balders
    Benjamin Baldwin
    Vicky Ballantyne
    Heidi Balsillie
    Susan Bandler
    Bill and Christy Barber
    Katie Barford
    Janet Barkwell
    Tom Barlow
    Christine Barrett
    Karen Barrett
    John Barter
    Mary Bartlett-Keating
    Ira Basen
    Sinclair Bean
    Charles Beatty
    Sheila Beatty
    Rachel Bellamy
    Vanessa Benfield
    Danielle Bengall
    Jack Bengall
    Bill Benjamin
    LeBaron Benjamin
    Sheena Benson
    Mo Bent
    Stephen Bent
    Warren Bent
    Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP
    Tim Bermingham
    Ryan Berry
    BFL Canada Risk and Insurance Inc
    Greg Birtch
    Sarah Macrae Blakeley
    Yvonne Bland
    Colin Bloom
    Brad Blowes
    BMO Global Asset Management
    Bill Bobier
    Laura Bocking
    Stephen Boeckh
    Scott Bogden
    Cathy Bolla
    Jason Bolla
    Scott Boomgaardt
    Megan Boriss
    Mark Boudreau
    Bill Bourque
    Jeff Bowman
    Monique and Ted Boyd
    Fawn Bradfield
    Jeffrey Bradley
    Linda Bradley
    Josh Bradshaw
    Maia Bradshaw
    Adam and Liz Branscombe
    Stuart and Anne Braund
    Sarah Bright
    John Scott Broadhead
    Edward Brohm
    Nuria Bronfman
    Francoise Brown
    Randall Brown
    Jordan Browne
    Karen Brunner
    Bob Buchanan
    Meghan Buckley
    David Bumstead
    Rob Burkett
    Jonathan Burnside
    Andrew Burt
    Joan Burt
    David Bush
    Pam Butler
    Jennifer Cairns
    Ryan Cairns
    Doug and Cheryl Caldwell
    Barbara Callander
    Kit and Ian Cameron
    Dan Campagnolo
    Alison Campbell
    Ian and Vickie Campbell
    Janet Cannon
    Paul and Sara Cannon
    Beverley Cardinell
    Rob and Patrice Carmichael
    Damon Carrington
    William Carruthers
    John and Bonnie Carter
    Ben Chadbourne
    Iain and Elizabeth Chalmers
    Dean and Mary Chamberlain
    Susan Chamberlain
    Laurie Chappell
    Jason Charters
    Nick Chauvin
    Peter Chauvin
    Tyler Chesney
    Curtis Chin
    Virginia Chisholm
    Barbara Choi
    Brett Christen
    Stephen and Jennifer Christie
    Donald Chu
    Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
    Pamela Chung
    Richard Chung
    Paul Cleary
    John Coffeng
    Sara Cohen
    Dave and Joan Cole
    Rob Collins
    Peter Comber
    Jo-Anne Connery
    Don Cooley
    Laura Cooley
    Michael Cooper
    Robert Cooper
    Kathleen and Matthew Corrigan
    Cindy and Stu Cottrelle
    Grant Cottrelle
    Susan Cottrelle
    Cougar Global Investments Ltd.
    Lynn Coveyduck
    Michael Coward
    Stewart Coxford
    Robert Cramb
    Don Cranston
    Donald Craw
    Ryan Cross
    Bill Cruess
    Sue Cumming
    Jennifer Czapka
    Nigel Dacre
    Bob Dameron
    Craig Dameron
    Ruth Dameron
    Shirley Davey
    Gord and Margie Davidson
    Pat Davidson
    Kandace Davies
    Adam Davis
    June Davis
    Scott Davis & Martha Hall Davis
    Tobin Davis
    Tim Davison
    Jeffron de Savoye and Michael Hull
    Dylanne Dearborn
    Robert DeBenedictis
    Mark Decker
    Carrie DeGroote
    Jamie and Kim Delamere
    Benjy and Amy Dempsey
    Andrew Dent
    James Dent
    Daniel Deradoorian
    Carol and Terry Devine
    Tessa Devlin
    Bill Dibden
    Matt Dibden
    Dickhout Family Foundation
    Wakako Dillon
    Silvana Diluca
    Lynn Dimond
    Michael Dixon
    Debra Dobson
    Donnell Insurance Brokers
    Marlene Donnelly
    Diana Dorrance
    Kerry Doyle
    Arthur Drewitt
    Lauren and Philip Duchen
    Paul Duesterhoft
    Derek and Andrea Duffy
    John C. Duff
    Nicole Dufort
    Dale Dutton
    Brook Dyson
    Diane Earl
    Michael Eastmure
    John Eby
    Ecobee Inc.
    Lisa Eisen
    Byron Elliott
    Susan and Brian Ellis
    Mary A Elvidge
    Sheila Engel Cohen
    Matthew Enticknap
    Pamela Estey
    Lisa Evans
    Mark Evans
    Janine Extavour
    Phil Fadel
    Angela Falcone
    Darleen Falconer
    Janet Farrell
    Sandra Farwell
    Cindy Fenwick
    Leigh Fenwick
    Susan Fenwick
    Linda Ferguson
    Allison Ferrier
    Jan Findley
    John Findley
    Chris Finora
    Howard Firestone
    Fred Fischer and Fischer Family
    Murray Fisher
    Duncan Fitzhenry
    Mike and Liz Fitzhenry
    Bruce Flanagan
    Wendy Flewelling
    Cornelia Flora
    Valerie and Gary Flynn
    Leslie Forder
    Ryan Foster and Miriam Desjardins
    Lyndon Fournier
    David Frakes
    Roger and Lisa Frame
    Randy and Jenny Frisch
    Frances Frisken
    Jim Furlong
    Kevin Gage
    Abbie Gagne
    Jean-Pierre Gagnon
    Andres Gantous
    Sara Gardner
    Shelley Garner
    Dawn Gateman
    Alex Gerlings
    Jean-Nicolas Germain
    Luke Gibson and Gill Roberts
    Tenley Gibson
    Rebecca Giles
    Susan Gillmeister
    Sam Girvan
    John Gleason
    Shannon Glenn
    Tasha Goh
    Gardiner Goodman
    Ian Goodman
    Katie Goodman
    Arnold Gordon
    Kathy Gordon
    Natalie Gordon
    Sarah Goring
    Jill Graham
    Mary and Bryan Graham
    Ron and Gillian Graham
    Stuart Graham
    Catherine Grandison
    Chris Grant
    Stephanie Grattan
    Ian Gray
    Chris and Margaret Greenshields
    Janice Greenshields
    John Greenshields
    Marilyn Gregus
    Jean Griffin
    Theresa Grosso
    Anne Gunn
    Shauna Gutoskie
    Joan Guyot
    Jean Hafner
    Darcy Hagan
    Andrew Hall
    Dianne Hall
    David Hamer
    Gavin Hamilton
    Sandra Hanington
    Jen Hanson
    Pamela Hardie
    Dave Harlock
    Donald Harlock
    Mildred R Harlock
    Hugo, Paul & Edith Harold-Harrison-Greaves
    Kevin Harper
    Dan Harrison
    John Harrison
    Joseph Harrison
    Sara Harvey
    James Hawkrigg
    Susan Hearn
    Helen Heft
    Andrew Heideman
    Alouise Henderson
    Kendra Heney
    Paul Heney
    Donald Bruce Henning
    Mark and Kathleen Henning
    Matthew Henning
    Henry and Berenice Kaufmann Foundation
    John and Barbara Hepburn
    Ekkehard Herling
    Sally Hermansen
    Carl Herrmann
    Scott Hicks
    Jen Hinder
    Stephanie Hodsoll
    Anne Hogarth
    Kelly Holmes
    Richard Holt
    Tom Hong
    Brittany Hope
    Maria Horner
    Pamela Horton
    Robert Horton
    Liane and Bryan Houston
    Sue and Steve Howe
    Catherine Howell
    Stephanie Hum
    Jean Humphries
    Joan Huycke
    Kit and Fred Huycke
    Mason Huycke
    Don Innes
    Jan Innes
    Edward Irvine
    Neil Irvine
    Scott Irwin
    Richard and Donna Ivey
    Debbie Izzard
    Nameh Jabbour
    Bill Jack
    David and Barbara Jack
    Alexander Jackson
    Eleanor Jacobs
    Troy and Melissa Jaeger
    Donna Janiec
    Emily Jarvis
    Jennifer Jarvis
    Hilary Johnson
    Brook Johnston
    Andrew Jones
    Duncan and Robyn Jones
    Robert Josephson
    Carla Joyce
    Michael Joyner
    Jill Jukes
    Nickolas Kabitsis
    Brian Kadey
    Moss Kadey
    Elyse Karakashian
    George Karayannides
    Tom Karcz
    Miriam Kaufman
    Barb and Mike Kearney
    Catherine Keating
    Jack Keating
    Jane Kelly
    Alison Kemper
    Harry Kennedy
    Jacqueline Kennedy
    Steve Kerlovich
    Marrissa Khan
    Kristee Khleif
    Bill Kiel
    Kilcoo Camp
    John Killick
    Margaret Killick
    Arden King
    Mark and Jill Kinney
    Douglas Kirk
    Liz Kirk
    Jan Kirsch
    Jay Kirsch
    Geordie Knowles
    John D Knowles
    Leigh Knowles
    Carina Korab
    Stan Korab
    KPM Industries
    Karine Krieger
    Cynthia Kuehl
    Marianne Kupina
    Krys Kurzawinski
    Martine Landry
    Steven Langdon
    Rita Lanzillotta
    John LaPrairie
    Scott Larin
    Marc Laurier
    Richard Lawrence
    Lough Barnes Consulting Group
    Hilary Lederer
    Bonnie Ledson
    George Ledson
    Jennifer Lee
    Gail Legault
    Michelle Lekkerkerker
    Erica Lenczner
    Philip LeNeveu
    Noreen Lenihan
    Karen Leonard
    Zavi Lerman
    Jon and Karyn Levy
    Jennifer Lillie
    Kirstin Ling
    Simon and Julie Ling
    Lindsay Liptok
    Martin Little
    David Lloyd
    Jeffrey Lloyd
    Martine Lloyd
    Ron and Pam Lloyd
    Don Lobb
    Christine Logan
    Christine and Tim Lomax
    Tony Loureiro
    Bill and Jane Love
    Alexander Lowden
    LRI Engineering Inc.
    Alex Lucas
    Judy Lynam
    Jake Lyons
    Cindy MacDonald
    Denis MacDonald
    Jeffrey MacDonald
    John MacDonald
    Jane MacEwen
    Iain and Sydney MacInnis
    Sarah and Don Macintosh
    Emily Mackay
    Jim Mackay
    Tim Mackay
    Graham Mackenzie
    Ted Macklin
    Susie Macrae
    Willie Macrae
    Kyle Magee
    Chuck and Lee Magwood
    Ann Male
    Zac Maloney
    Bruce Mansbridge
    John and Jane Marshall
    Jeff Martin
    Alison Martins
    Shannon and John Matthyssen
    Peter McBurney
    Jane and Paul McCabe
    Liz McClounie
    Anne and Gerry McCrank
    Andrew McCrodan
    Gavin and Carolyn McCulloch
    Brendan McDonald
    Marion McGarry
    Buffy McGaw
    Gordon and Valerie McGiverin
    Michael McGuire
    William and Mary McIlroy
    Leith McKay
    Cherin McKend
    Linda McKend
    Paul M. McKenna
    John and Lindsay McKeown
    B. Ann McLean
    Robert McLean
    Harry McMurtry
    Janet McMurtry
    John McNeil
    Will and Roz McQueen
    Karen Medd
    Rosario Sarino Memmolo
    Rena Mendelson
    Shawna Merkur
    Zane Mersky
    Carleton Millar
    Margaret Miller
    Adrian Millman
    Janet Mills
    David Milne
    Diana Miotto
    Paul Miskin
    Shane Miskin
    Rishi Mistry
    Jason Monteith
    Joanne Moody
    Gisele Moore
    Anne Morash
    Barrie Morgan
    Blaise Morin
    Dave Morton
    Brad Moyle
    Natalie Mullins
    Dennis Murphy
    Katie Murray
    Michael Murray
    Neil Murray
    Lori Myers
    Kendra-Lee Nadon
    John Nardi
    Krista Navarro
    Heather Navis
    Will Nelson
    Eileen Nemes
    John Neufeld
    Harrison Newediuk
    John Newediuk
    Mike Newediuk
    Brian Ng
    Thomas and Marion Nicholson
    Patrick Nolan
    Patrick O’Kelly
    Oconto Paddles
    Kenneth Ogle
    Gwijung Oh
    Glen Oliver
    Goran Orec
    Diana Osborne
    Robert Panes
    David and Katie Partridge
    Al Paterson
    Emma Patterson
    Nicole Patterson
    Terry Patterson
    Jim Paulucci
    Brian Peebles
    John and Diane Peller
    Robin Perlmutter
    Frank Perricone
    Cliff Peskin
    Linda Petelka
    Christyne Peters
    Anthony Petruccelli
    Kelly Peyton
    Sara Phelan
    Michelle Phillips
    Right Reverend Bill Phipps
    Alexia Pilla
    Signy Pittman
    David Pogue
    Danielle Porter
    Jackie Porter
    Jane Potter
    Phil Poutissou
    Willi Powell
    Steve Power
    Amit Prakash
    Wayne Pritchard
    Progressive Chiropractic Centre
    Heather Prudham
    Nick Pyle
    Chris Radtke and Nathalie Gimeno
    Judith Rae
    Sean Rea
    Cathy and Geoff Reeves
    Fraser Reeves
    Blake Reid
    Hatty Reisman
    Georgia Rennick
    Hugh and Janice Rennie
    Jamie Reynolds
    Katherine Reynolds
    Kerry Reynolds
    Mike Reynolds
    Chris Richardson
    Philip and Hayley Richmond
    Carol Riddle
    Derek and Anne Riley
    Richard Rival
    Nikka Rivera
    John Roberts
    Martha Roberts
    Jaff Robertson
    Peter Robertson
    Barbara Robinson
    Ron Robinson
    Howie Rogers
    Higher Ground
    Sally Rollinson
    Paul Rose
    Anne Ross
    Don Ross
    Frederick and Martha Ross
    Nick and Lynn Ross Charitable Foundation
    Fraser Rowand
    Bradley Rusheleau
    CS Russell
    Lori Ryerson
    Roby and Jim Sadler
    Caitlin Sainsbury
    Susan and Peter Sainsbury
    Peter Samson
    Chris Sanders
    James Sanders
    Phil Sanders
    Paula Sanderson
    Ryan Sanderson
    Mike and Melisa Sandrock
    Stephen Satchel
    Mark Satov
    Celia Saunders
    William J. and Meredith Saunderson
    Louise Savage
    Paul Savage
    Robin Savage
    Sarah Savolaine
    Alison Schmidt
    Erin Schnepper
    Lisa Schnepper
    Caitlin Schwartz
    Deb Scime
    Douglas Scott
    Gillian Scott
    John and Jennifer Scott
    Olivia Scott
    Ronald Scott
    Sally Scott
    Geoffrey Seaborn
    Brad Secker
    Nadine Segal
    Karl Seger
    Anne Selby
    Cameron and Karen Serles
    MC Shanahan
    Ian Shantz
    Gerry and Linda Shelly
    Liz Shepley
    Andrew Sherbin
    David Sherman
    Martha Sherratt
    Bobbie Sherwood
    Marcie Sherwood
    Phil Sherwood
    Donna and Gary Shimizu
    Gordon Shipp
    Allan Shoom
    Donna Shoom-Kirsch
    Danielle Simpson
    Meghan Simpson
    Kim and Harvey Sims
    Chris Sinardo
    Maddie Skobel
    Walt Skobel
    Helena Smeenk Pritchard
    Brian Smeenk
    Lyla Smerchinski
    Brandon Smith
    Jane Smith
    Jason Smith
    Jeremy Smith
    Karen Smith
    Kevin Smith
    Margaret Smith
    Pam and Brian Smith
    Shirley Smith
    Kate Snack
    Megan Snape
    Ellen Snow
    Heather Snyder
    Stuart Snyder
    Dolores Socha
    Roma Sohal
    Philip Solomon
    Maryam Soltani
    Brad Souter
    Lynne Southgate
    SP Global Foundation
    David Spindler
    Hazel Sproule
    Sprouts Growing Bodies & Minds
    Diane Squires
    Dylan Stafford
    Scott Stafford
    Vicki Stafford
    Daniel Staines
    Edmund Staines
    Tim Stanley
    James Stellick
    Jake Stephenson
    Patrick Stephenson
    Thomas Stevens
    Duncan Stewart
    Rich Stewart
    Todd and Keltie Stewart
    Tim and Carrie Stinson
    David Stolow
    Brian Story
    Anette Summerhill
    Mayuran Sunderam
    Petra and James Swayze
    April Taggart
    Christina Tam
    Paul Taylor
    Jessica Teague
    John Teague
    David Tee
    Carl Thibeault
    Beverly Thomson
    Sarah Thornton
    Phylip and Judy Tinning
    Keith and Roz Titley
    Karen Toon
    Rich Trenholm
    David Trent
    Deborah Trent
    Jennifer Trent
    Michael Trent
    Tony Trentadue
    Chris Trowbridge
    Mary Ann Turcke
    Paul Turner
    Sarah Uffelmann
    Ukulele Kids
    Richard and Lynne Vaillancourt
    Dirk Van De Kamer
    Eric Van Der Steeg
    David Vass
    Connie Vernon
    Shelley Wainman
    Wendy Walberg
    Sally Walden
    Mark Walker
    Robert Walsh and Nancy Jack
    Tim Walter
    Shelly Warren
    Linda Warth
    Susan and Bob Watson
    Brian Weatherseed
    David Weatherseed
    Feng Wei
    Lorne Weiss
    Stephanie and Morgan Wellens
    Beverly West
    John L. West
    Bernadette Whelly
    Janice White
    Judy Whyte
    Liz Wideman
    John Wigle
    Stephanie Wilcox
    Luke Williams
    Stephanie Williams
    Sandra Willis
    Jo-Ann Willson
    Blair Wilson
    Don Wilson
    Janet Wilson
    Lynn Wilson
    Alicia and Mike Wilton
    Ken Wismer
    Robert Witchel
    Ian Witterick
    Jennifer Woods
    Alan S Wotherspoon
    Scott Wotherspoon
    Michael and Cheryl Wren
    Mike Wrigglesworth
    Carolyn Wright
    George Wright and Steph Miko
    James Yarmon
    David Yeilding
    Tony Yu
    Dale Zacharias
    Daniel Zacks

  • Kindling

    Kindling are those special friends of Amici who have made a contribution of $1 - $99 between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 to help share the gift of summer camp. Thank you to the following:

    Tori Abbott

    Zita Abreu

    Amanda Adams

    Neve Adams

    Isabelle Aicklen

    Tom Aicklen

    Morgan Alford

    Mathew Alkerton

    Carrie Allard

    Patrick Alton

    Ignacio Alvarez

    Swathika Anandan

    Adam Ancona

    Alison Anderson

    William Anderson

    Janet Andras

    Christopher Andrews

    Ian Armour

    Elizabeth Armstrong

    Chrissie Arnold

    Christa Arnold

    Mary Arnold

    Michelle Arnold

    Jacob Askin

    Nathan Athay

    Colleen Atkinson

    Joanne Aucoin

    Gren Austin

    Linda Austin

    Julia Avery

    Marissa Aycan

    Hedieh Balkhi

    Ethan Backwell

    Jonathan Bacon

    Victoria Badgley

    Tasha Bain

    Glenn Bakie

    Leah Balduckie

    Joseph Bales

    Jessica Ball

    Reed Ballon

    Andrew Balogh

    Effie Balomenos

    Scott Bannister

    Oleg Baranov

    Stan Barkun

    Andrew Barrett and Christie Honsberger

    Alice Barton

    Laura Barton

    Wallie Barton

    Baseline Capital Management

    Dave Bates

    Ginny Bates

    Jamie Bates

    Kristy Bates

    Meredith Bawks

    Chuck and Diane Bayless

    Murray Bean

    Carolyn Bearisto

    Kathy Beaudette

    Elizabeth Becker

    Scott Beffort

    Stacy Begg

    Bobby, Courtney, Isabella and George Belandis

    Rachel Belcher

    Evan Belsky

    Greg Belsky

    Nadia Belsky

    Sam Benchimol

    Phil Benda

    Samara Bengall

    Sophia Bengall

    Matt Benner

    Megan Bennett

    Lindsey Bentham

    Brandon Ber

    Kristen Berg

    Chris Bermingham

    Kayla Best

    Sue Beugin

    Valerie Bieniara

    Michelle Bilboe

    Matt Binnington

    Daniel Birch

    Nancy Birtch

    Adam Bishop

    Katrien Bizzotto

    Melanie Blair

    Jaye Blakeley

    Lindsay Blakely

    Stephanie Block

    Laura Bodman Hamberg

    Thomas Bodor

    Julie Bogdanowicz

    Blake Bogden

    Chris Bohme

    James Boland

    Derek Bonk

    Jill Bonnell

    Jan and Gary Boomgaardt

    Vicky Boomgaardt

    Geoff Boothe

    Helder Borges

    Kelly Botrie

    Danielle Bougie

    Rosemary Bowen-Mustard

    Caroline Boyd

    Hannah Boyd

    Brad Bradford

    Foster and Florence Bradley

    Janet Bradley

    Jon Bradshaw and Shealyn Clare-Bradshaw

    Pat Bradshaw

    Sydney Bradshaw

    Luke Brandreth

    Margot Brandreth

    Nicole Brasseur

    Caron Brick

    Darcy Bristol

    David Bronskill

    Janet Brown

    Liam Brown

    Darcy Browne

    Kasandra Brownridge

    Cathie Bruce

    John Buckles

    Macauley Bullock

    Katie Bumstead

    Sarah Bumstead

    Eric Burant

    Michelle Burdett

    Lia Burgess

    Nichola Burgess

    Logan Burns

    Paul Burroughs

    Kate Burry

    Darrell Burt

    India Burton

    Timothy Burton

    Laura Burwell

    Ghassan Bushnaq

    Samantha Butcher

    Jeff Butler

    Morgan Byrne

    Liz Cabrera

    Thula Cade Goldsmith

    Andrew Calderone

    Philip Caldwell

    Breymann Cameron

    Caroline Cameron

    Camp Kandalore

    Dan Campanella

    Maya Campanella-Ivey

    Jodie Campbell

    Marie Cannon

    Lauren Cappell

    Michael Capretta

    Robyn Cardy

    Raquel Carino

    Reid Carleton

    Chris Carr

    Rebecca Carr

    Laura Carter

    Susan and Ross Carter

    Debbie Caruso

    Michael Caruso

    Patrick Casey

    Cecile Casimiri

    Merianne Castellarin

    Quinn Cathcart

    Jeliah Chan

    Andrew Charney

    Mohit Chaudhary

    Zachary Chauvin

    Annie Chirico

    Karen Chisholm

    Kyra Chisholm

    Lesley Chisholm

    Madeline Chisholm

    Liz Chornenki

    Claire Christie

    Adrian Chung

    Brian Church

    Mary Church

    Robert Church

    Sean Church

    Julia Churchill-Smith

    Anna and Mike Churchman

    Andrew Cichocki

    Francesco Cipolla

    Adam Clare

    Lisa Clark

    Robert Clark

    Kenneth Clarke

    Sarah Claydon

    Holly Colbert

    Brooklyn Colborne

    Alexandria Coleman

    Chris Coleman

    Diane Coleman

    Jim Colley

    Louise Colley

    Connie Colton

    Tara Connor

    Jane Cook

    Shelley Cook

    Nichole Cooke

    Rob Cooley

    Jamie Cooper

    Natalie Cordiano

    Jaclyn Cormack

    Zachary Cormier

    Vince Cornacchia

    Eamonn Corrigan

    Charles Cottrelle

    Julia Cottrelle

    Laura Coward

    Tory Coward

    Clare Cowling

    Nicola Craig

    Ron Craig

    Anne Crawford

    Patrick Crawford

    Nicole Cressman

    Caitlin Crnkovic

    David Cronin

    Ben Cronsberry

    Sari Cross

    David Cruickshank

    Garry Cummins

    Julie Curran

    Chris Curry

    Paul Cutbush

    Greg Czylyski

    Christina Daffre

    Steve Dalby

    Amanda Dame

    Valerie Davey

    Sian David

    Alexa Davidovic

    Jackie Davidson

    Michael Davidson

    Nick Davidson

    Reilly Day

    Olga De Andrade

    Stephen De Ciantis

    Carla De Jong

    Sue Delamere

    Susan Delicata

    Jason Denys

    Gayle Derby

    Victor DeSousa

    Karen DeSouza

    Michael Devine

    Anita and Louie Di Loreto

    Lisa and Enio Di Nardo

    Linda Dieu

    Michael Diplock

    Pino DiTullio

    Andrew and Layne Dixon

    Charles Dixon

    Jennifer Dobson

    Tim Donaldson

    Tim Donegani

    Stephen Dooley

    Nicole Doray

    Siobhan Dowling

    John and Kelly Doyle

    Andrea Drew

    Dan Driscoll

    Kathy Dukoff

    Laura Dwyer

    Campbell Easto

    James Eatough

    Barbara Ebbs

    David Eitutis

    Morgan Elias

    Denis Evans

    Timothy Evans

    Alexis Fabricius

    Jessica Farrall

    Erin Farrell

    Peter Farrell

    Quinn Farrell

    Lindsay Farrow

    Robyn Feeley

    Jane Fehr

    Ben Feist

    Stephanie Fellows

    Katherine Fenn

    Dave Fenwick

    Laura Fenwick-Sehl

    Paul Fergus

    Carlos Fernandez

    Marc Fielding

    D'Arcy Finnegan

    Sandra Fiorino

    Jonathan Fishbein

    Joan Fisher

    Arlene FitzGerald

    Sara Fitzpatrick

    Kelly Flewelling

    Gabriela Flora

    Kevin Flynn

    Maureen Flynn

    Kathleen Flynn-Corrigan

    Julie Forrest

    Cathy Forster

    Sophia Forster

    The Fosses

    Heather Francis

    Michael Franz

    Kyle Fraser

    Matthew and Tracey Fraser

    Shane Freedman

    Noah Freeman

    Thelma Frei

    Danielle Fremes

    Robbie Freund

    Sarah Frost

    Jing Fu

    Kiyoko Fujimura

    Kira Fulford

    Kristen Fulton

    Trent Fulton

    Victoria Fusz

    Andrew Gabriel

    Conor Gallant

    Margaret Gannon Keogh

    Ben Gauthier

    Elizabeth Gavin

    Emily Gayda

    Caroline Geiss

    Heather Geluk

    Marina Georgieva

    Laurens and Willa Gerlings

    Chris Giacomelli

    Stephanie Giannandrea

    Kate Gifford

    Jeff Ginou

    Paul Girvan

    Jennifer Goba

    Andrew Gold

    Matthew Goldman

    Tara Goldstein

    Jessie Gorski

    Bronwyn Gorsline

    Victor Gottwald

    Kristen Goudie

    Beverley Gould

    Cameron Graham

    Chris Graham

    Christina Graham

    Mark Graham

    Sherrill and Colin Graham

    Susan Graham

    Tom Grant

    Myrica Gration

    Heather Gray

    Jimmy Gray

    Ron Gray

    Scott Gray

    Vanessa Gray

    Elyse Green

    Susan Green

    Sula Greene

    Anna Greenshields

    Greer Family

    Sarah and Jonathan Gross

    Bozena Grzegorczyk

    Jonathan Guilford

    Katelyn Guilleman

    Gillian Gunn

    John Habermell

    Paige Haight

    Kylie Hailstone

    Patty Hainer

    Spencer Hall

    Brett Halstead

    Mike and Cathy Halstead

    Jewel Hamilton

    Nancy and Richard Hamm

    Katharine Hancock

    Jason Handelsman

    Tom Haney

    Craig Hannaford

    Heather Harding

    Wayne Harlock

    Andrew Haugland

    Caroline Hayes

    Dave Hayes

    Natalie Hayworth

    Megan Hazell

    Don Heal

    Neil Hebert-Lee

    Danielle Heft

    Harrison Heft

    Matthew Heideman

    Carol Heimbach

    Douglas Henderson

    Ryan Henderson

    Susan Henderson

    Geoffrey Hendra

    John Henning

    Matthew Henry

    Sophia Hepard

    Allie Herbert

    Abe Herbst

    Samuel Heron

    Sandi Hicks

    Sam Hildebrand

    Krista Hiltz

    Daniel Himmel

    Marc and Patti Hodgkinson

    Avery Hoffman

    Sky Hofstatter

    Susan Hogarth

    James Hogg

    Michelle Holland

    Andrea Hooker

    Corey Horowitz

    Rachel Horton

    Natalie Hosmer

    Samantha Houser

    Bryan Houston

    Jacquie Howald

    Brenda Howard

    Elmar Howarth

    Izabela Howe

    Susan Hubner

    Kate Humphrys

    James Hunter

    Kate Hunter-Smyth

    Joel Hurren

    Alexandra Husslage

    Elaine Hutton

    Paul Hutton

    Jenny Hyatt

    Jessalyn Hynds

    Sandra Idenouye

    Immediate Productions LTD.

    Laura Indingaro

    Brad Irvine

    Mackenzie Irwin

    Kaitie Jack

    Coby Jackson

    Lauren Jackson

    David Jaffe

    Katie Jagodkin

    Emma James

    Ingrid Janiec

    Janice Janiec

    Kim Jansen

    Elyne Jaocbs

    Kevin Jarman

    Danielle Jefferys

    Daryn Jeffries

    Tom Jenkins

    Aviva Joel

    Robin Johannsen

    Ashley Johnson

    Hillary Johnson

    Greg Johnston

    Laura Johnston

    Dylan Johnston-Jewell

    Isabelle Jones

    Maeyken Jones

    Emily Joveski

    Cam Joyce

    Jeannine Jure

    Katrina Jurjans

    Tara Justice

    Aaron Kadey

    Luke Kahnert

    Freya Kaiser-Derrick

    Taina Kanerva

    David Kappele

    Kiki Karailiadis

    Peter Karakashian

    Udo and Margrit Kaul

    Tim Kearney

    Hope Kearns

    Sarah Keast

    Clarke Keenan

    Maggie Keilhauer

    Rachel Keller

    Everton Kennedy

    Laura Kennedy

    Rob Kennedy

    Scott Kennedy

    Sean Kennedy

    Miles Kenyon

    Christian Kerr

    Ross Kerr

    Seanna Kerr

    Jill Kershaw

    Zev Kesler

    Katt Keuleman

    Neil Khanna

    Robert Killey

    Gemma Killick

    Deokyong Kim

    Tami Kimura

    Kaitlyn Kinsman

    Stephanie Kirton

    Karen Kiss

    Caitlin Klein

    John Klein

    Randy and Heather Kline

    Scott Klinger

    Carol Knowles

    Kaitlan Knowles

    Luke Knowles

    Lindsay Ko

    Daniel Korsunsky

    Vivian Kotila

    Alyse Krantz

    Micki and Eberhard Krause

    John Kucher

    Melanie Kuhelj

    Krystyna Kulesza

    Jane La Mantia de Pencier

    Joe Labenski

    Tim Lade

    Nathan Lai

    Benson Lam

    Herp Lamba

    Mark Lambert

    Noam Lamdan

    Caroline Lamont

    Jessie Lamont

    Luthie Lampa

    Amanda Lampard

    Kat Lampard

    Kathy and Stephen Lance

    Sara Lane

    Ann Lang

    Willow Lange

    Nick Lant

    James Lanthier

    Jenna Lanzarotta

    Meg LaPlante

    Shelagh Larkin

    Eric Larsen

    Noah Latimer

    Sarah Latremoille

    Nancy Lavrisa

    Joan Law

    Brenda Lawlor

    Lawrence Park Community Church

    Sara Lazer

    Mark Le Dain

    Hilda Leahy

    Andzia Leao

    Lo Leckie

    John LeCompte

    Jess LeDrew

    Adrienne Lee

    Taylor Leeder

    Nadine Leggett

    Maddie Lenehan

    Martha Leonard

    Brennan Leslie

    Sandra R Leung

    Mischa Levine

    Harrison Levy

    Karyn Levy

    Alexandra Lewis

    Casey Lewis

    Paul Lewitt

    Ariana L'Heureux

    Kim Ligon

    Brian Liss

    Stan Litch

    Emily Litt

    Chris Little

    Philip Lloyd

    Sarah Lloyd

    Emily Lobb

    Jamie Lockie

    Savannah Lockie

    Irina Loewy

    Braeden Lohnes

    Dan Long

    Marianne LoPresti

    Jeff Lothian

    Mary Joan Lough

    Siobhan Lough

    Sandra Lougheed

    Cindy Louie

    Peter Lount

    Powin Low

    Damian Lu

    Derek Lukosius

    Will Lunderville

    Kevin Lush

    Jenn Lyons

    Caiti Malone

    Breydon MacDonald

    Lois Macdonald

    Tyler MacDonald

    Valerie MacDonald

    Sarah MacDowell

    Glenn MacEwen

    Sarah MacFarlane

    Harry MacInnis

    Meiping MacIsaac

    Robert Mackay

    Jane MacKenzie

    Tyler Macks

    Connor MacLean

    Sharon MacLean

    Graham MacLellan

    Rory MacLeod

    Carrie MacMillan

    Leah Macnamara

    Andy Mager

    Richard Maier

    Stephanie Maier

    Marisa Malatesta

    Patricia Male

    Matthew Malinsky

    Gloria Mallard

    Arlene Manankil

    Gavin Manbodh

    Terry Manion

    Leanna Mann

    Helen Manolopoulos

    J.J. Manson

    Roberta Mantenuto

    Don and Sandy Manweiler

    Max Marcus

    Carmen Mariean

    Markay Homes

    Jennifer Marley

    Robert Marsden

    David Marshall

    John Martin

    Nicole Martin

    Scott Martin

    Seana Massey

    Kathryn Mastoras

    Taylor Matchett

    Sheela Mathew

    Josh Matsdorf

    Jordan Matters

    Ian Matthews

    Nicole Maunder

    Valeria Maurizio

    Anne Marie Mayne

    Robert McAdam

    Connor McAnuff

    Tessa McArthur

    Angela McCabe

    Shannon McCabe

    Lindsay McCart

    Patrick McCart

    Sas McCart

    Ryan McCarthy

    Ian and Helen McConnachie

    Kathleen McConnachie

    Annelies McConnachie-Howarth

    Jordan McConnell

    Megan McCoy

    Brian McCreery

    Jennifer McCuaig

    Julia McCurdy

    Jane McCutcheon

    Ashley McDonald

    Bob and Jo-Anne McDonald

    Kate McDonald

    Sean and Becky McDonald

    Catherine McDowell

    Julie McGowan

    Leigh-Ann McGowan

    Cindy Mckay

    Michael Mckay

    Susan McKelvey

    Virginia McKinnell

    Robyn McLaughlin

    Don and Patti Mclean

    Peg and Ken McLeod

    Matt Mclernon

    Emily McManus

    TK McNair

    Donna, Bruce and Erin McNeely

    T McNeely

    Fraser McOuat

    Henry McQueen

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    Jeffrey Medd

    Sarah Medd


    Bob and Sally Medland

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    Freddie Mercury

    Andrew Merrick

    Ben Merrick

    Samuel Mersky

    Andrea Messner

    Sylvia Michalski

    Sonali Michie

    Katie Michiels

    Rishi Midha

    Michelle Mierzwa

    Jane Miller

    Julie Miller

    Betsy Mills

    Robert Millward

    Lisa Milroy

    Dave Minnes

    Denise Mirabelli

    Jordan Mitchell

    Malia Mitchell

    Alexandra Mladen

    Moody's Foundation

    John and Corinne Moore

    Kathryn Moore

    Kelly Moore-Mckenzie

    Jenna Mooy

    Stephen Morgan

    Amy Morin

    Keith Morrallee

    Brad Morrison

    Cameron Morrison

    James E Morrison

    Jean-Paul Morson

    Abbie Moscovich

    Kate Mudrick

    Ben Mulroney

    Brian Murphy

    Erin Murphy

    Erin Murray

    Ian and Joan Murray

    Laura Murray

    Kristin Mursky

    Grace Mustard

    Lydia Mychaltchouk

    Colleen Myers

    Jessica Myers

    Lara Naregatsian

    Nikoo Nasser

    Paula Nathwani

    Harriet Newediuk

    Henry Newediuk

    Nicole Newediuk

    Sarah Newman

    Jenny Ng

    Vivian Ngai

    Meghan Nolan

    Laurie Noorden

    Andrew Noskiewicz

    Margaret O’Donoghue

    Scott Oakes

    Wally and Sue Oakes

    Kathy Ochnio

    Brigid O'Connor

    Soojung Oh

    Mary Louise OHara

    Steve Oke

    Amey Ord

    Johanna O'Reilly

    Jen Ostfield

    Treble Otterdale

    Megan Priston

    Amanda Pacheco

    Jeff Page

    Darlene Paguandas

    Matt Paisley

    Erica Pallotta

    Georgina Palmer

    Jessica Palombella

    Romeo and Carol Palombella

    Leo Paone

    Park Road Healing Arts

    Alyson Parker

    Sarah Parkinson

    Brenda Pasieka

    Sean Passi

    Alana Paterson

    Ross Paterson

    Carrie, Oscar, Biskit, and Toddy Patrick

    Floyd Patterson

    Erin Pattie

    Austin Paul

    Sarah-Jane Pearce

    Jessica Pearlman

    Amanda-Sue Pearson

    Stefan Peart

    Emily Peebles

    Xue Pei

    Sarah Pendleton

    Chris Penner

    Laura Penstone

    Emily Pepper

    Tamara Perez

    Emily Perlis

    Sam Perlmutter

    Sharon Perlmutter

    Joshua Perlstein

    Julie Petendra

    Heather Peyton

    Karen Pezzack

    Fernando Pham

    Paul Piccininni

    Liz Piccirillo

    Emma Pickard

    Sally Pickering

    Simon Pinsky

    Jakob Porciello

    Charlie Porter

    Racquel Posluns

    Anne Potter

    Elspeth Poulson

    David Power

    Helen Power

    Joey Power

    Eddie Powers

    Sarah Power-Smith

    Barb Prevedello

    Beverley Ann Price

    Andrew Pringle

    Angelina Pun

    Connie Pun

    Kirstie Puskas

    Emily Quick

    Emily Quinn

    Lillian Rance

    Debra Randle

    Kathryn Randle

    Judy Rapkin

    Reissa Rapkin

    Susan Rapkin

    Christina Raposo

    Simona Rasanu

    Linda Ray

    Rebecca Raymond

    Mitch Reeves

    Maddie Reid

    Betty Rennick

    David Rennick

    Mike Renton

    Lukas Rewers-Kusiak

    Leanne Rhee

    Emily Rhodes

    Alex Richardson

    Debbie Richardson

    Jeff Rickard

    Melissa Riding

    John Rivard

    Kyla Roberton

    Edward Roberts

    Ryan Roberts

    Beth Robertson

    Ian Robertson

    Jane Robertson

    Andre Robichaud

    Blair Robinson

    Brenlee Robinson

    Kevin Robinson

    Richard Robinson

    Laura Rodgers

    Suzy Rodness

    Ailsa Rollinson

    Tanya Rosemarin

    Shaun Rosenthal

    Kimberly Rosler

    Cindy Ross Pedersen

    Brittany Ross

    Catherine Ross

    Jordan Ross

    Laura Ross

    Nancy Ross

    Joan Roth

    James Rowland

    Royal St. George's College

    Sara Runnalls

    Julie Russell

    Greg Ryerson

    Cindy Sabourin

    Livv Sabourin

    Elizabeth Sabyan

    Daniel Sadler

    Jason Sadler

    Steven Saltz

    Benjamin Sanders

    Katie Sands

    Chris Saunders

    Snezana Saunders

    Patricia Schaefer

    Thilo Schaefer

    Gayle Schaming

    Jennifer Scheuring

    Bobby Schimmel

    Louise Schmidt

    Emily Schorn

    Iain Schroeder

    Allan Schwartz

    Rob Scoon

    Shirley Scopacasa

    Elizabeth Scott

    Katie Scott

    Lindsay Scott

    Merissa Scott

    Blair Seaborn

    Emma Seaborn

    Virginia Seaborn

    Leanne Sedentopf

    Lisa and Mark Segal

    Joe Sehl

    Mary Sehl

    Melissa Seifried

    Preet Sekhon

    Linda Sellers

    Derek Senft

    Walt Sepic

    Anthony Sesel and Jennifer Dolman

    Tassi Sewell

    Alison Sexton

    Noor Sharif

    Callum Shaw

    Heather Shaw

    Elizabeth Shepley

    Victoria Sheppard

    Marshall Sherk

    Cam Sherratt

    Andrew Shier

    Eileen Shoom

    Julien Sicco

    Isabelle Siciliano

    Diane Silver

    Lucie Simco

    Alison Sims

    Nancy Singer

    Jaaved Singh

    Vangie Sipidias

    Maria Sipsis

    Bryden Sisco

    Faye Skitch

    Zale Skolnik

    Susan and Doug Slade

    Jill Sladen

    Wendy Sladen

    Christina Sloane

    John and Madelyn Sloane

    Judy Sly

    Joan Smart

    Andrea Smerchinski

    Mario Smeriglio

    Chris and Amy Smith

    Courtny Smith

    Helen Smith

    Lisa Smith

    Vivian Smith

    Kathy Socha

    Kourosh Soltani

    Shirin Soltani

    Matt Soper

    Olivier Sorin

    Rebecca Speirs-Russell

    Patrick and Susan Spence

    Alison Spencer

    Christine Spencer

    Cynthia Spicer

    Sydney Spidelll

    Courtney Squires

    James Squires

    Sham Srigobind

    Geoff St. Clair

    Jordyn Stafford

    Sylvia Stafford

    Drew Starkey

    Joan Steegstra

    Andy Stephenson

    Philip Stern

    Emily Sternberg

    Luke Stevens

    Anna Stewart

    Liz Stewart

    Mike Stewart

    Ted Stewart

    Connor Stinson

    Donna Stinson

    Kelly Stinson

    Lindsay Stinson

    Alexandra Stiver

    Robin Stobart

    Gillian Stops

    Barry Stork

    Sarah Stoute

    Matt Strickland

    Josh Su

    Jennika Subramaniam

    Molly Sun

    Kelly Surette

    John E Sutcliffe

    Stephanie Sutcliffe

    Corinne Sutej

    Eva Svec

    Sweeney & Laurtiz and Dano & Ben

    Shan Syed

    Sami Tabbara

    Tihomir Tadic

    Teddy Taggart

    Shannon Talarico

    Francesca Tassielli

    Megan Tate

    Dave Taylor

    Evangelia Taylor

    Jennifer Teague

    Susan Teague

    Marissa Teeter

    Shawna Tettman

    Sharanya Thavakumaran

    Jenna Theopoulos

    Isabel Thomas

    Doan-Trang Thompson

    Gail Thompson

    Joe Thorne

    Sean Tidd

    Patrick Tingley

    Joan Tirion

    Monica Tirion

    Daniel Tolensky

    Danielle Toon

    Kelly Trainor

    Heather Trim

    Patrick Tritschler

    Emma Trottier

    Corinne Tryon

    Stephanie Tung

    Rosella Turbitt

    John Marshall Turnbull

    Cally Turner

    Ultimate Camp Resource

    Tim Usher-Jones

    Sue Van Oosten

    Ali Vanderheym

    Grant Vandervoort

    Eli VanDuzer

    Lisa Vanlint

    Christina Vardanis

    Matt and Andrea Varey

    Cristina Venegas

    Kristin Vesely

    Steph Vesely

    Jen Villamar

    Edgar Villarreal

    Nancy Villeneuve

    Miles Villneff

    Cathy Vincent-Donaldson

    Ashley Volpato

    Karen Vose

    James Vuckovic

    Urvashi Vyas

    Angela Wagner

    Deena Waisberg

    Margot and Ron Walberg

    Chris Walden

    Jackson Walker

    Jamie Walker

    Kevin Walker

    Steven Walker

    Tyler Walker

    Mark Wallgren

    Jack Walsh

    Alec Walter

    Connor Walton

    Yaijan Wang

    Allen Ward

    Michelle Warren

    Naoe Watanabe

    Ann Watkins

    Gareth Watson

    Jen Watson

    Kay Watson

    Bryan Watts

    Paul Weale

    Allan and Gillian Weatherall

    Sandro Weiner

    Trevor Welch

    Ashley Weld

    Linda Wells

    Dianne Werner Simon

    Mitch West

    Pam and Gordon West

    Melanie Whalen

    Derek White

    Marliese Whittle

    David Williams

    Jamie Williams

    Mary Williams

    Owen Williams

    Carolyn Williamson

    Douglas Williamson

    Carole Willis

    Lori Willis

    Shane Williston

    Amy Wilson and Jason Cook

    Karen Wilson Moore

    Brian Wilson

    Helen Wilson

    James Wilson

    Jamie Wilson

    Julia Wilson

    Kate Wilson

    Leah Wilson

    Martha and Tom Wilson

    Sadie Wilson

    Stephanie Wilson

    Tracy Wilson

    Jen Winnell

    Blythe Winters

    Sarah Witherspoon

    Glen Wize

    Sameth Wolfe

    Danika Wong

    Gord And Deb Wong

    Michael Wong

    Neil Wood

    Daniel Woolfson

    Brooke Wortsman

    Ali Wright

    Christina Wright

    Ginny Wright

    Jonathan Yantzi

    Tom Yarmon

    Brian Yoshikuni

    Alex Young

    Jason Yung

    Vanessa Yusuf

    Ignacio Zabalegui

    Mike Zavershnik

    Sheri Zernentsch

    Elita Zhang

    Laura Ziliotto

    Steffi Zubek

    Hartlee Zucker

    Paolo Zuliani

Our donors are very important to us. Every effort has been made to ensure the listings are accurate. Please notify our Development Office at (416) 588-8026 of any changes or omissions. 

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