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Compass 2019/2020 Kicks Off at Camp Kandalore!

The Compass Leadership Program got off to a great start this past week at the Kick-Off Weekend at Camp Kandalore. Leadership Advisors and Youth Leaders quickly shed any self-consciousness they may have had through games designed to bring out laughter and camp spirit that would continue throughout the weekend.

Voyageur Canoes challenged the new relationships to quickly become one team and the Compass participants tackled the challenge, skillfully paddling large voyageur canoes to a nearby island where there were more games and relationship building.

Learning and discovery continued through the team challenge of map orientation and a friendly competition of locating specific points on the map. Working together in their mentoring pairs, and forming small groups, led to a fun filled afternoon of nature, learning and play.

A camp day wouldn’t be complete without some star gazing and a campfire, both of which allowed for more relationship building time and an appreciation of nature and the beauty of camp.

The chilly morning quickly warmed with the sun as the young leaders faced their fears of heights with the high ropes course and team swing. The mentoring pairs supported each other through these exciting activities and rose to new heights of friendship and support.

Through all the activity, Compass planning took place. The mentoring pairs selected the workshop topic they will be responsible for, and spent time with each other planning what they want the next 9 months to look like. Goals, excitement and practicalities were the themes of discussion.

All in all the weekend was full of fun, planning, challenge and relationship. Compass 2019/2020 is off to a great start!


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