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Smiling Back at Amici's Compass Leadership Program

In 2017, Amici embarked on a new chapter in its 50+ year history by creating its very own program: the Compass Leadership Program (Compass). 

In it’s three years of operation, Compass succeeded in fostering mentorship between Amici campers ages 14-17, and young professionals who themselves are camp alumni. Compass provided an opportunity for our campers to bridge real world skills with the wisdom they learned at camp, and ultimately, apply them to the professional world. 

Compass saw past Amici campers and partner camp alumni create a mentorship bond that extended beyond that of a typical school-like atmosphere. The participants’ bonds were rooted in the unique and transformative experiences of camp. It is those real world 21st century skills that drove the learnings of the program: leadership, teamwork, initiative, creativity, resilience and the like. 

The learning and mentorship of the Compass leaders was driven through participant planned workshops that allowed for unique experiences for personal growth. Some of the most unique workshops included boxing, escape rooms, speech competitions, career fairs and many many more. These workshops were accompanied by two weekend retreats to some of our incredible partner camps. These retreats allowed the bonds of mentorship and friendship between participants to grow and strengthen to their fullest extent, just as they do in a close-knit summer camp cabin group.

In March 2020, after a three year pilot program, Amici made the difficult decision to close our Compass Leadership Program. Amici is proud of the impact it had on 25 young leaders as witnessed by their success in the program. 

Given the high cost of the program per leadership camper, and the challenges faced in finding participants within the Toronto area to attend in-person events, Compass was not going to be sustainable moving forward. Additionally, we recognized that there were other charities available to our leadership campers,  running similar programs, providing young leaders with much needed mentorship opportunities. 

Amici is committed to focusing on programming with broader scope, greater sustainability, and greater ability to scale.  

The program would not have been the success it was if it were not for all those who made it possible. Our fullest appreciation goes to all of the Compass Youth Leaders, Leadership Advisors, Partner Camps, corporate supporters and all of the incredible people who gave their time and hearts to a truly transformative experience.

We would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to our corporate partners, RBC and Hazell and Collins and Associates, without whom the Compass Leadership Program would not have come to fruition.  

If you have any questions about Compass, and its lasting success in its three years of operation, please feel free to contact Amici at

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